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Top 10 Games That Were Totally Rad When I Was A Kid

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  • The raddest of the rad. I mean, he was a supersonic hedgehog...'course he was awesome ya bimbo. Plus Robotnik was an awesome bad guy.

  • This game was massive. I never did fully beat Link to the Past, but i loved every minute I played. It was so different from the other games I had been playing, where you simply walked from left to right. The dark world just made it even more awesome.

  • The music and sound in this game is kick ass. Seriously, I would sit and listen to that theme music at the tittle screen. But anyways yeah, it's Mario so it was good.

  • One of the best games ever as far as my 6 year old self was concerned. Eat people and steal their powers just to humiliate them? Awesome! This was actually one of the first games that I actually played all the way through and beat. Fun times.

  • Really, I used to love this game. Those camels were awesome and bouncy. Besides all the Disney stuff, it was actually a great platformer with sweet, sweet apple throwing action.

  • The thing that sticks out most about this game in my memory is how the announcer guy said Cincinnati. Weird. I didn't know much about football at the time (my dad actually bought this game for himself) but i loved messing with this game just to hear the awesome Genesis sound effects.

  • Aw man. What's crazier than Chimpanzees!? Nothin' that's what. I was just playing this last night (i found it while cleaning out my closet) and it's still pretty awesome. Everything just works really well. The controls, the gadgets, abusing monkeys with stun clubs. It all felt right. Monkeys must be subjugated.You know this.

  • Kids love dragons. They just do. This series tanked a few games in, but insomniac did great work while they were the team working on the Spyro games. The level and character designs were great, as was the feeling of flying around as a tiny dragon. The first will always be the best

  • Naughty Dog has always been awesome. Crash was just a great character for smashing stuff, and smash stuff we did.

    Plus he had a cool possessed mask that followed him around. Rad.

  • The PS1's Spiderman was one of the best superhero games ever, and definitely the first good Spiderman game. As a fan of the 90's cartoon, I loved everything about it. All the villains you could want, some cool cameos, and a spiderman that felt like spiderman should. Who cares if the web swinging stuff didn't actually make sense (if you were above the buildings what were you swinging from!?)