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Best of 2010

Xpgamer7: Best of 2010

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  • With Kick ass graphics and amazing gameplay, not to mention the story and characters. Mass Effect 2 is one of 2010's best games if not the best game. It kicks ass on every single level

  • The new features blend together seamlessly with the new multi player. The new game manages to retain the charm of the last game while optimizing the experience.

  • The most addictive game on my list, Civ 5 makes it even easier and more fun to play a 10 hour round of who can conquer the world first.

  • Dark and intriguing,Limbo pulls you into it's mystifying world and won't let you out until it's finished. Hands down one of the best downloadable games of 2010 Limbo is a game that's sure to envelop you all the way through.

  • My personal favorite of 2010, Heavy rain is more story than game, but don't let that stop you from playing this amazing dramatic game that redefines what a game can be in today's world.

  • Rockstar's newest game lets you live in the wild west. With an awesome soundtrack and plenty of side missions red dead redemption proves it lives up to the hype.

  • Who doesn't love mario? Super mario galaxy 2 took the engine of the last game and used the extra time to make one of the most creative titles of the year.

  • Although minecraft didn't come out in 2010, it came out for purchase close enough. I spent more hours making my castle terrarium with built in boat and water elevators along with minecart transport to different sun globe than any other game.

  • Alan Wake deftly proves that when Remedy makes a game, it'll be a quality one. Alan Wake is moody and full of style. With natural controls and an interesting story Alan Wake is one of the best games of 2010.

  • God of war kicks ass. It doesn't have new gameplay because it doesn't need it. God of war is like your favorite TV show. They don't need to change it up, they just need to keep making it.