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Cool games of 2014

Now with less bullcrap explanation as to why they're great, just what I want to say about them. If you're reading this you probably already know all that jazz.

Due to a lack of money I haven't played some bigger ones like Wolfenstein or Transistor, but I'm sure those are great too. And for the record if I owned an XOne I'd probably put Sunset Overdrive as my GOTY followed closely by D4.

Oh and I'm only considering finished games. That means Game of thrones, Lethal League or I Am Bread is out of the question.

Honestly this year was kinda slow in games. Ass Creed went down on it's yearly quality curve, a ton of games were pushed for next year, and I don't have a great reason for a PS4 yet. I didn't even plan for this list to be just ten items(11 with the dark horse NEO Scavenger). It's just that slow. Still, the listed are excellent games. I hope my dreams of Oculus Rift 1080p powered GTA V come to fruition next year.

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