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E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

Out of E3 there was a lot going on. Here's what I think were the best.

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  • I don't think anybody expected Prey 2 to go in the direction that it did. But being a Blade Runner/Firefly like game made this instantly rocket to the top of my attention and this list.

  • XCOM hasn't had any news for over a year. Although gameplay has only slightly be shown I'm hoping it'll be just like the original but with FPS instead of recon and night terror missions.

  • I'm expecting this to be on every list. It looks amazing and the destructible environments and even more breakable than before. With all the changes I really can't wait to play it.

  • Every time I see a trailer of this I can't help but think "I NEED THIS". Any game that can do that is definitely worthy of being in the best of E3.

  • Paper Mario is awesome. Going back to the gamecube version, I can't wait for this portable sequel to one of my favorite RPGs.

  • With stunning graphics and a narrative that FAR succeeds that of the last game Farcry 3 looks to be one of the most intriguing games of next year.

  • Somehow, Someway, this game always impresses visually and aesthetically more than it's predecessor did. And that improvement really shows. Uncharted 3 looks amazing and is direct proof that Uncharted is still Sony's golden horse.

  • I loved prototype. It was flawed but so was the first Assassin's Creed. And like that the core idea of transformation was so good it needed a better game to show off in. From what I've seen this is that better game. With all the things that made the first great, fixing problems such as an ugly world and expanding upon the best parts prototype 2 looks like a hell of a ride.

  • Every time an Assassin's Creed game comes out I feel like it can't be better in such a short time period, but then it proves me wrong. At this point I'm rooting for the series, and I wonder how it's going to impress me next.

  • This game looks awesome and the attitude(not to mention enthusiasm) it has made a trailer with no gameplay great. I've only had a peek but I definitely want more.

  • With a tribal art style and gemeplay supposedly built around and enhancing populous,I'm really excited for From Dust. I don't know much but I'm excited as hell.

  • At the present time the market is flooded with bland shooters. What we need more than ever is innovation and thatgamecompany keeps piling it out. Taking simple concepts such as core multiplayer and basic controls, Journey is the latest in the scenic and abstract games that the company is known for.

  • Who doesn't like kirby? This reveal should help satify all those kirby fans out there like me who need some enemy sucking action.

  • Before E3 I hated the art style for looking so bland and dark. The vibrant colors of this year's trailer push me to give it another chance.

  • Let's be honest. No one anywhere expected this. The entire fact that it exists is just an I love you note to fans of the original and for that it gets to be in this list.

  • I'd like to imagine this is what it'd be like if the army men from Toy Story went to war. After a surprisingly fun first game, I'd like to see how Signal Studios handles another one.

  • Sly Cooper has always been a beloved series, and since it was dropped for inFamous fans have been waiting for it to come back. This is what the fans want, and though it's not from Sucker Punch here's to hoping it's still good.

  • The Darkness 2 is one of those game that you're not quite sure whether it's good or bad because of the studio change. But after the trailer and interview I'm pretty sure it's gonna be good.

  • Other than Hitman games getting better and better with each release, Hitman Absolution's trailer makes you look like a complete badass along with all kinds of little hints at the story.

  • Each trailer looks like some kind of awesome, not to mention this is the first game to feature someone from modern pop culture. Although I'm not sure if that last fact is good or bad, this game has plenty of potential to be excellent.