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Some Stuff I liked in 2015

I Got a New 3DS XL on black friday, but I'm still running dirty on borrowing other people's systems for my weird shit(Until Dawn) So I haven't played any current gen exclusives. I did build a new PC in between school so that's cool. Also for either budget or time I still haven't gotten around to purchasing/playing Metal Gear Solid V (Despite beating all the others in the last two years to be ready), The Witcher 3 (Exact opposite, stuck on the first one), Rainbow 6 Siege, Battlefront, Dying Light(They need more than Parkour to pull me into Dead Island+), Just Cause 3, Evolve, Pillars of Eternity, Mortal Kombat X, Magicka 2, Not a Hero, D4, Ronin, Flywrench, I am Bread, Satellite Reign, SOMA, Armikrog, The Beginner's Guide, Read Only Memories, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Undertale, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Stella Glow, Story of Seasons, Dreamfall Chapters, Lisa, Castle in the Darkness, Sunless Sea, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2,, Titan Souls, Flame Over, Westerado: Double Barreled, Hand of Fate, The Escapists, 60 Seconds, Yatagarasu, Duck Game (Probably would be in my top ten along with...), Jackbox Party Pack 2(Really just Quiplash), Nom Nom Galaxy, Beyond Eyes, Cradle, King's Quest, TIS-100, Galak-Z, Shadowrun Hong Kong, Hacknet, Bedlam, Stasis, Rebel Galaxy, and Sublevel Zero.

Seeing everything I wrote I will hide behind my excuse that I got really into music this year and that I expect at least half those games to be only kind of interesting.

Games that deserve some mention but didn't get into the top ten are

Audiosurf 2: Audiosurf Is something I love, but It always feels just a bit too broken and unpolished to be a game I tend to recommend to people. When Audiosurf 2 was just starting development I accepted the ugly UI and some of the 3D stuff just not looking great for the parts that did look great and it being a more ambitious take on making your music just Work in a rollercoaster game. But as a full product those issues nag at me.

Tales of the Borderlands - By far the best intros I've seen in a while, with a lot of disappointment in the focus on rising situational craziness over character growth. It exists sure, but man.

There Came an Echo - It sucked. One of my kickstarter hopefuls.

Hotline Miami 2 - It sucked. They lost the adrenaline that made it primal and it turned into doorway bottleneck 20-1979.

Fallout Shelter - I was excited. This helped me be less excited. Cool halloween theme.

You Must Build a Boat - This is just above Clicker heroes and that type of game for me. I don't feel right putting a game in my top ten that I felt more directly needing to complete rather than super excited by. Why Candy box wasn't in last year's(Though those feel super innovative).

Massive Chalice - I'm not sure it sucks but I rather don't like it. Between Broken Age, Space Base, Hack N' Slash and this it's been a long time since I played a Double Fine game I rather enjoyed. Since I'm ranting Grim Fandango is really just at playable level (not hugely remastered) and Day of the Tentacle straight up looks worse as in it's updated art style. Here's hoping to Psychonauts 2.

Game of Thrones - My feelings on this game are simple. It's writing is pretty good for video games, and atrocious for Game of Thrones.

List items

  • Life is Strange is probably the biggest surprise of 2015 for me. Just when Telltale was tiring me out this had a charming levity that made for a telegraphed but well put together first episode. Having played two more I was excited by the lengths it went to for it's characterization and clever subversion of time travel and morality used in films for it's own purpose. But only after playing the fourth and fifth episodes did it go to the top of this list BY FAR as a narrative willing to be uncompromising and well...strange. It is my number 1 by a longshot.

  • I don't buy into the smoke and mirrors of the butterfly effect being as complicated as it's made out to be. I do however think that this has all the charm and love of some campy slashers right on top of a little dose of modern horror.

  • This reminds me of all those Japanese games like Mr. Domino or WTF that just took a crazy concept and tried to make it work. And this does WORK.

  • This game feels great to play, and the art style while not something I love, is eye catching and noticeable.

  • It's a Great Fallout game, A great shooter, and visually impressive. But a poor Fallout 4 for simplifying or removing so much of the RPG from ActionRPG that I realized how streamlined the Narrative choices were in other Fallouts even by their more complicated examples. Still This is the sequel to one of my favorite games, and just a chance to get back into that world is worth it.

  • A year ago this would be in my top two. But the curse of Early Access has taken it's toll on me, especially since I've been deep in this game since the mojam bundle. Regardless it Still kicks like it should and re-affirms that Vlambeer know how to make anything feel great.

  • Where Sim City failed...

  • I really like the concept of this game, and seeing someone play with how they can challenge script writing. While it didn't affect me too long, I spent a good several hours thinking about the design of this game.

  • It's just simple fun and charm with all the beautiful lighting you could want.

  • This game is pretty fun. The writing's charming and enjoyable, but often it feels like a background game.