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More than a game, an Experience 0

Journey is exactly what the name describes. In every sense it is a journey. You're seeing a game type only hinted at by previous masterpieces such as Shadow of the Colossus or The Elder Scrolls. It's existed in them as one of the strongest elements but in Journey it takes full hold. And that's exploration. Not in freedom to do whatever like in Skyrim, or to go anywhere also evident in SotC. It's the essence of it. The wonder and elegance of a world that you can go about it.This is you. Everythin...

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A game best eaten with friends 0

          The original Fat princess was a stylized take on two flag CTF. The large multiplayer community, humour and sharp look that strikes a nice difference between fairy tale purity and a splattering of blood from these fairytale characters. The battlegrounds look great even if the characters don't.  Now a little less than a year later Fat Princess  has been "remade" for the psp.  The game is still tons of fun to play and most of the modes feel solid with the exception of "queens rules" which...

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Dynasty Warriors meets Overlord 0

When this game came out, I heard only bad reviews and didn't buy it. After a while though, the videos and concept got to me, and I bought a used copy. The Game in itself is nowhere near perfect. It feels like it's running on the dynasty warriors engine, but there are less characters onscreen at once, and it looks worse. This is not a good game by any means, but there is something fun about running around as a zombie overlord. The only real problems with the game other than graphics wise, are it'...

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It's Modern Warfare, but the other versions are worth more. 0

   I've never played Call of duty modern warfare. I've played multiplayer at gameshops, but I've never played the whole game. That's why games like this are targeted towards people like me who only have a wii for a console. That's not saying This game is bad in it's own right. This game itself is one of the top shooters on the wii, both online and offline. The game itself runs on the World At War engine for the wii. The game moves smoothly and feels like modern warfare. The story and online mode...

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Far from perfect, but Great in it's own Right 0

  What makes this game so great is that it does what few other games even have attempted. This game is the only game out there that I can find, that turns your music into a game. Your decision to buy this game itself should be based on only one question "Do you like music and games?". If you said yes then you should probalby get this game. The game itself consists of two main sections. One is for creating music and the other is for playing music. The creation side is limited, although it's easil...

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The Game is exactly what it calls itself 0

  Playing this game, I'm confused about why it's taken so long for it to be released on the PSP. After all there is absolutly no new content. This game is a straight port of the console version. Now, as the PSP itself is excellent at 2D games, you'd expect it to look like a non HD version of the game. Unfortunately    , This game looks like it could be run on a NDS instead. Some character sprites are all surrounded by black lines, and all are in low resolution. The gameplay itself, though works ...

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It's not completly original, but you will enjoy it 0

 The last game, Echochrome was a great idea on paper. It was MC Esher inspired and felt like a mature game that challenged people to think differently. If you were confused by Braid, this game would blow your head off. The new entry in the series throws away everything from the design to the 3D design. The only things that are left are the shadows, characters and the holes. Other than that it's a completly new game. The game itself isn't very similar to most games on the market. But online free ...

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The last version is arguably the best psp game ever. What's new? 0

When I heard that Tekken 6 was coming out on the psp I wasn't sure how to react. I loved the last one, all the story, secrets, unlockables, characters, minigames and of course the beautifully smooth and fun fighting made it one of my favorite PSP titles. I wasn't sure how Bandi Namco would be able to stick even more into a game like this, and was hoping that it was possible. After all they had a winning strategy on the PSP version sure to sell well even if it wasn't as good as it's console count...

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The new Battlefront's features make it worse rather than better. 0

As the battlefront series was progressing the game was slowly becoming better. For this game though, it became worse. The campaign/story mode is nice as it's fully voice acted and has a nice story. And this game is a great technical leap over the others with it's short load times and the ability to load sky, space, and a planet in one level, as well as the interior of a spaceship(which was a big plus for me) also the graphics look great on each frontier, and though they do have hidden load times...

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Little Big Planet psp! Does it stand up to the console version? 0

Little Big Planet was a huge sucess when it hit the PS3 a year ago. Now the psp version is out, and it still has all the fun. For newcomers to LBP, the game is a platformer that has enough variety and customisation to create pretty much... anything! And that includes different game types too. Some of the control gimmicks such as slapping other players and controlling your arms are gone, probably because of the psp's limited control system. Also a few of the costumes and Items were removed(may be...

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Assasin's Creed has truly become portable, but loses some charm. 0

When I heard Assasin's Creed was being made for the psp, I thought it would be just like the horrible DS and cell phone versions. Even after seeing videos I believed it would still be too linear. Thankfully when I started it up I realized it was a sandbox world and you could climb up buildings just as easily and beatifully as in the console version. To keep the framerate smooth the amount of people on screen is lowered, and the story uses the excuse that they're all scared of the templars and st...

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For the pro gamer who loves being challenged 0

Demon's Souls is  not made for the average gamer. In fact most of the games on the ps3 aren't. The casual/average gamer term is used a lot now as many people who don't usually play games have wiis and are picking up gaming. This game is meant for people who love RPGs and have wanted to get sucked into mythical worlds like the ones in lord of the rings or doungeons and dragons. It also brings out enough difficulty to make it a challenge to even the most hardcore of gamers. Yet it doesn't make it ...

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