Moments in Games where I had to look at the guide

There are some moments in the games that I play where I just can't do it, I give in and go on the internet and find the guide to help me.

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  • This guy was a pain to kill. How do you kill someone who is already dead? You wake up in some river and you have no weapons. When I played this it seemed as though I was just walking down a river forever, so eventually I thought 'What the hell?' and went on the internet because I seriously thought my game had just started looping. Little did I know that I had to kill myself to beat this guy, stupid wacky MGS bosses.

  • Another MGS boss. This guy seemed to avoid every attack I made. Being young when I played the original, I ignored my Codex calls, I have no idea why now but it ended up with me going on the internet and finding out that I had to change controller ports. This amazed my young brain and I was so happy to beat this guy, I was stuck on it for ages.

  • Don't worry it's my final MGS boss. This guy was also difficult because I was a kid at the time of playing it and I was obsessed with crazy gun fire. Little did I know that you had to punch him to death. Damn my violently obsessed mind.

  • Not from the original but more from Resident Evil 5. The final fight took me and my friend absolutely ages. We can do it now really easy, but we had to use a guide to see what to do. Only fitting my favourite game character proved me some of the most trouble I have faced.

  • I know this is isn't a character, but the character page for the boss I want hasn't been created. When you get to the top of the final lighthouse you face a monster called the 'Doom Dragon'. This was one of the hardest bosses I have ever faced and when I read the guide, I was so many levels behind what the guide recommended to start this fight. So I started again and used the guide to get my characters the strongest they could, and even then I found it difficult.

  • When I arrived on Monkey Island towards the end of the game. I had no idea where to go or what to do. I had to use a guide otherwise I would never have escaped from there.

  • I was obsessed with completing this game 100% and I had every single item apart from one last bottle. I needed to use the guide to achieve this, I felt like I was letting myself down but you do not understand how happy I was when that bottle was in my possession.