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A sequel worthy of Resident Evil 4 0

Remember the amazement you got from Resident Evil 4 back in the day? Yeah, me too and what you're getting withResident Evil 5 is the same game with a few improvements with less of the wow factor.   The latest addition to the franchise sees you control Chris Redfield, former S.T.A.R.S and now member of the BSAA(Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) in an attempt to prevent bio-terrorism. This leads Chris to Africa wherehe is partnered with Sheva Alomar, a member of the African division of th...

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A great rhythm game for the DS, let down by lack of songs. 0

Elite Beat Agents is a rhythm game where the player helps people in stressful situations by dancing and singing to various songs that are well known, what's not to love?The characters that you control are members of a government group called the Elite Beat Agents and the goal of that aorganisation is to go an help people who find themselves in trouble. The game plays itself out well and although there isn't one main storyline, there are different stories for each person you meet across the cours...

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