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My condolences to the entire GB crew, to Ryan’s friends and Family. All of us will miss his voice every Tuesday, his insightful commentary, his great personality and his lovable dickishness.

I leave you with my favorite of Ryan’s many laughs during these 5 amazing years of Giant Bomb: Link

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It’s worth noting that Persona 4 came out December 2008 for the PS2, by then the PS3 had been around for 2 years, and the 360 for 3. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Persona 5 come out for 360/PS3 in 2014/2015, maybe even 2016.

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@beaker said:

I'm sure it's on the list of fixes.

Hope so, it's super useful

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if you are willing to be flexible, Brick is a great movie. While it takes place in what feels like a early 2000s American high school, it is a crime noir film through an through, and a really good one. its heavily influenced by the great noir movies and the hard-boiled detective novels of Dashiell Hammett.

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@Kanpachi: i feel that Akane's ability to be places in which she shouldn’t exist, like the fact that she was present on the second nonary game, even though she was dead on that timeline, will be key in the next game. I believe she did this whole thing because she can see a ending where she can prevent, because of that ability, this whole unfortunate set of events from unfolding, and that way stopping everything that happens in all three games in a way that makes it clear to the player that the other timelines get erased or never happen, at which point the horrible things she did also don't ever happen, and maybe you get a version of Akane that marries Junpei and lives happily ever after. This would be the best possible ending for the series, from a happiness point of view.

The other possibility, that would be more dark, is that she does all this to try and finds a perfect ending for her, while leaving other horrible timelines that were created as a result of what she did, this would mean that maybe the best ending for her isn't what is best for everyone, and the third game revolves around you stopping her, and fixing the timeline by erasing these horrible realities she created, and in the end creating a one true timeline, but one not so rosy as the other option, one where Akane's death, and her non revival through the second nonary game, is key to saving mankind.

Anyway this is all speculation and by the amount of incredulous shouting i did during both those games when twists are revealed, i believe trying to predict the plot and twists that expects us all in the third game is mostly pointless, because they have way crazier things in mind, although i will admit it is fun.

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@BlackLagoon: There is nothing like that on the 3DS version, unless i missed it, which is possible, but i'm pretty sure i didn't.

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Did you get the bonus ending by finishing all puzzles in the hard difficulty ?

I felt that locking that was a poor decision by the developer. The true ending sans bonus ending was so unsatisfying and cliffhangery that i wanted to throw my 3DS against the wall, luckily i went on the internet and found out about the bonus ending, which existence or the conditions necessary for unlocking it aren't hinted AT ALL during the game. I felt that the bonus ending gave a much bigger finality to VLR's story while also setting more things up for the sequel and even hinting at

Akane's ability to exist in 999 even though she is dead before the events of 999, and that Alice and Clover will use this ability, maybe that way being present on the next game. I also feel this ability will be used in the end of the third game to somehow fix everything, making the events of all three games just a means to reach a truest ending where Akane and Junpei get together and none of the events of the three games happen.

Other than that:

What is your theory, if any, on the identity of Brother, the leader of the Myrmidons?

And on a business side note, am i the only one that feels it's crazy that Square Enix isn’t trying to bring this guy to write for them. The team at Square has shown to be able to build interesting and good gameplay systems (VLR's greatest weakness in my opinion) but has had problems creating great stories to match that gameplay. Uchikoshi, VLR's writer and director, in a Gamasutra interview by Christian Nutt, has expressed an interest in not remaining just a small "cult hit that only core players know" but to make bigger games, and Square has the talent and budget to make that game, which Square need to make to prove it's still capable of providing a great gaming experience.

This post ended up way bigger than i imagined in my head, oh well sorry for rambling.

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if you like historical non-fiction i really recommend "The Most Powerful Idea in the World" by William Rosen, it's a great book about how the industrial revolution came to be and how all the changes and creations and inventions of the time finally came together in the creation of Rocket, the prototype for what would become the locomotives.

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i think that adding to Encyclopedia Bombastica by talking about like weird games that you really like that nobody else thinks about would be a really cool thing for Alex and the rest of the staff to do, after all project quicklook everything ain't gonna complete itself

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Based on what I played of the game, I feel that the awful meme jokes in the challenge titles are self-aware. When they put them in the game they weren't thinking "let's put these hilarious internet jokes in here guys", they were thinking "let's put these super played-out internet jokes in the most blatant way possible, so when people see it they are just forced to groan at how bad they are", that’s why those challenges are funny to me.

That said as I was playing the game today I shot a badass in the head and as he died he yelled "AAHHHH Pluto isn’t a planet !!!", and I just completed a side-quest based on the movie Top Gun, so I believe the humor in Borderlands 2 to be great.