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Gamestop is the Enemy because.....?

So it is obvious the Gamestop the main (and only big) Videogame selling/trading Establishment. But I don't get why people hate it except for stupid trade in value. Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of whiny kids on the internet who won't shut up about how Gamestop rips them off because they only got $22 for there $60 game. If you beat the game in a weak and your bored of it, congrats you should of rented it or waited ya idiot. Then there WAS the people who shopped at Gamecrazy which was basically a horribly ran Gamestop.
 The Edge Card - This card pays for itself pretty much, you not only get a subscription to Game Informer, but 10% Trade in Bonus on Deals and 10% off Used Games. That Whole 10% removes Tax and then some when buying a game basically and really helps when purchasing a game. Whether you like GI or not is based on your opinion but it plays for itself with used deals.  
The Deals - Gamestop usually offers some good deals, Things like their 50% trade in bonus are great for those who resort to trading in at Gamestop and along with the Edge card make it even more. The one that really gets me is the Buy 2 Get 1 Free (admit it, you've probably fell for this deal before), usually I pick up a game a for the risk factor with this or just go all out and revisit the store just so I can abuse the deal but this deal is great and often occurs every 2 months or so. Also to compete with Amazon they've been the ones severly dropping the prices on new games and are why you can find AC2 or Darksiders for $20 or Gow3 & ME2 for $30.
Variety - For some of those who don't consider Amazon their main shopping place of choice GS offers a variety of games like no other. I can't really find old games up to a year old at Best Buy or Target so GS really helps for this.
Pretty Much Monopolized the Gaming Market - Now this is were I can see it getting the hate and not disagree. (but then they'll be a bunch of idiots saying this is why the hate it and not the deals). They pretty much obliterated places like Funkoland and because of that Gamestop is now the only core gaming store now.
Customer Service - Some people complain that they ask them whether they want to reserve a game or are looking for what. What's wrong with that? They're are designated too and it's not like they're in your face forcing you too. You just say yes (blank game) or no, not that hard. 
Trade In Deals- Ok not always the best but obviously its the most  convenient  place to do it. But it's a business they have to make a profit and in case you haven't noticed it's not like they sell every game they get back. My Gamestop has tons of old PS2/Xbox/GC games they took a loss on. If you want a better deal Try Goozex, eBay, or even best buy if you're desperate and hate gamestop enough. Some people act like they force you to trade int he games at Gamestop and that they're the only option.  
Overall It's not a bad place at all. It offers some good deals every once in awhile and is very convenient for some buys (considering I hate waiting a week for free shipping). 
Plus it's not like Gamestop is going away anytime soon.   


My Top Favortie 100 Games Ever...So Far

  So yea. This is MY (Not yours) Favorite games of all time. Now I know you may consider some games better then others but this is just my opinion. I will release my final verdict at the end of the year but know much thought has gone into this blog as I have been editing this list for about 6 months now. Also I'm only 17 so cool the fuck down on wheres SMB3 and why so many new games are up. I'm in my prime and games are better then ever. 
Things I'm considering editing and will effect this list.
( ) Does FF13 belong between U2 and Oblivion or where it's at. Yes I loved that game.
( ) Fireteam Bravo 2 did so much for me not just for online gaming, but time and fun wise. But would I rather play it then X game?
( ) FF4.9 I haven't played n awhile and I feel I need to replay them as they may need to get higher as I adored 6 after replaying it.
( ) Why the fuck won't my action replay work so I can replay some PS2 rpg's? (lol)
( ) I need to hop on Persona 4 RIGHT NOW!
( ) I really should include Madden somewhere should I?
( ) I have the sequel or a better version of the game, but should I drop it because of a sequel? No right?
( ) Damn Virtua Fighter is boring
( ) Blazblue CS tomorrow CS>CT?
( ) Every other fucking game in my backlog I havent' played 
( ) Original list here with explanations why I chose each game at the time. 

  1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES
  2. Final Fantasy X
  3. Final Fantasy VII
  4. Kingdom Hearts
  5. Little Big Planet
  6. Final Fantasy XIII
  7. Kingdom Hearts 2
  8. Metal Gear Solid IV
  9. Kingdom Hearts 2
  10.  Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  11.  The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  12.  Tekken 6
  13.  Super Street Fighter IV
  14.  Pokemon: Soul Silver
  15.  Dark Cloud 2
  16.  Tales of Symphonia
  17.  Final Fantasy XII
  18.  Dragon Age: Origins
  19.  Socom: US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 2
  20.  Super Smash Bro’s Melee
  21.  Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
  22.  Dead Space
  23.  Metal Gear Solid 3
  24.  Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
  25.  Bioshock
  26.  Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
  27.  Borderlands
  28.  Okami
  29.  Assassin’s Creed 2
  30.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  31.  Rogue Galaxy
  32.  Valkryia Chronicles
  33.   Final Fantasy VI
  34.  Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
  35.  Mass Effect
  36.  Pokemon Ruby Version
  37.  God of War: Collection
  38.  InFamous
  39.  Tekken 4
  40.  Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  41.  The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  42.  Digimon World 3
  43.  Age of Empires
  44.  Halo: Combat Evolved
  45.  Soul Calibur II
  46.  Viewtiful Joe
  47.  Crackdown
  48.  Folkore
  49.  Legend of Legaia
  50.  Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  51.  Sonic Adventure
  52.  Final Fantasy VIII
  53.  Age of Empires III
  54.  Eternal Sonata
  55.  Freedom Fighters
  56.  Crono Trigger
  57.  Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
  58.  Suikoden
  59.  ICO
  60.  Xenosaga
  61.  Xenosaga III
  62.  Metroid Prime
  63.  Animal Crossing
  64.  Dark Cloud
  65.  Ratchet & Clank
  66.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  67.  Final Fantasy: Dissidia
  68.  Star Wars: Battlefront 2
  69.  Fallout 3
  70.  Killzone 2
  71.  Gears of War
  72.  Blazeblu: Calamity Trigger
  73.  Brutal Legend
  74.  Spyro the Dragon
  75.  Jak 3
  76.  Final Fantasy IX
  77.  Rainbow Six Vegas: 2
  78.  Darksiders: Wrath of War
  79.  Batman: Arkham Asylum
  80.  Resistance 2
  81.  Final Fantasy IV
  82.  Luigi’s Mansion
  83.  SSX Tricky
  84.  Flower
  85.  Time Splitters 2
  86.  Bully
  87.  Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  88.  Bayonetta
  89.  Final Fantasy X-2
  90.  Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
  91.  Soul Calibur IV
  92.  Gran Turismo 4
  93.  Wipeout HD
  94.  Unreal Tournament 3
  95.  Custom Robo
  96.  Super Smash Bro’s
  97.  God of War: Chains of Olympus
  98.  Advance Wars
  99.  Fable
  100.  Resident Evil 4 

Why Don't the Japanese Make Japanese Characters look Japanese?

 The Japanese have created some of the greatest games known to man. They have been known to have some of the greatest design artist in gaming and the most unique look in videogaming. But the one thing they can't get down, making Japanese characters look Japanese. Why do Japanese developers feel the have to americanize there Japanese characters, I mean what is wrong with making your characters look like what they are. Characters in games like Persona and huge Japanese characters like Ryu always have that look to there face that's like almost asian but they're white as well. Even in JRPG's they have that mixed look. Maybe it's just me but has this boggled anyone when playing games? 


We ARE in the Golden Age of Gaming! (*Shakes iPod Profusely)

 I'm sure you guys always log in-to a forum and see someone who says that "games today suck, they're all focused on multi-player and not single player, and I miss  Crono Trigger and my SNES." Everywhere on forums I see people saying they wish games were made like they used to, but that isn't going completely backwards in gaming evolution? I mean yes some classics remain fun to this day, I could go back and play Digimon World 3 and have a blast because the formula still remains fun today. But this But face it people games today are better then they ever were.  
Could you have a Mass Effect 2 or Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with an Atari2600? No!. Single players games are better then ever. The method of story telling has evolve so much. Games like Bioshock and Deadspace create atmosphere's that could never have been portrayed in games 5-10 years ago. Mass Effect 2 for example is a game that shows how gaming has vastly evolved over the years with its interesting universe, and story unlike any other game previous to this gen. Online games such as MAG, and Modern Warfare 2 show how multi-player brings competitive level previously only know to PC gamers (XBox had XBL online, but it is much huger this gen then last gen). And CO-Op games like Left4Dead and Borderlands are a great example of how playing with friends has become a huge part of today's gaming and not only in the form of 4 guys in there basement playing Goldeneye and Smash Bro's. Although I'll admit that splitscreen time is better online using mics, it's not like that option doesn't exist today. All fighting and racing games can be played with friends and FPS like UT3, R2 and KZ2 offer splitscreen.
 A perfect example is people who think Goldeneye is the best FPS ever. FPS have evolved so much it has become an insult to say it's a better game then FPS like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. TF2 or .....MW2 . When comparing Goldeneye to a game like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it just makes Goldeneye look like complete garbage. Sure the game could still be fun today because of nostalgia but could you honestly say it's a better then BF:BC2? And Yes I understand the game was astounding for it's time, but the perfect dark was better and the sad part about that is the only people who play the UPDATED version on XBL are crazy people!
Ok before you go off about how wrong I am, understand. I'm not saying your favorite games ever are wrong, I can't control you opinion on what games you like. Just understand that games today are better then ever because they can do so much more, and that we are always living in the golden age of gaming.


Deathspank Review

XBLA box art (no top)
XBLA box art (no top)
And yes that is a magical purple thong in the logo!

DeathSpank was developed by Hothead Games and published by EA for the PlayStation 3′s PlayStation Network and the Xbox 360′s Xbox Live Arcade on July 13 and 14. It cost $15.

Story: The story behind Deathspank is a rather simple one; you are Deathspank the hero of Pluckmuckel and you were sent by a red haired woman with your magical thong to recover “the artifact” and make sure it doesn’t get into the hands of the evil Lord Von Prong. When you finally obtain possession of the artifact you lose it to a army of orcs who give you wedgies till you forcefully give them the artifact. At this point it is your mission to recover the artifact, destroy the orc army, and defeat Lord Von Prong. The story isn’t a deep one by any means but is an entertaining one for what it is.

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Gameplay: Like many of you know Deathspank plays like Diablo, but manages to retain that Ron Gilbert classic adventure game feel with its comedic dialogue choices. Although the combat in this game is very simple, it is solid. The four face buttons on your controller are used to pick between four different attacks. 1 slot is usually reserved for a distance weapon, another for a special move and 2 others for melee weapons. The purpose of having this is to mix combos and make combat as fast and efficient as possible. Using 2 melees weapons at the same time allows you to strike enemies quicker and builds up your attack. You use a bolt gun to shoot various elemental bolts when nearing enemies to or to summon hell before battle; special attacks allow you to do various things such as stun enemies or deal heavy amounts of damage to numerous enemies. My only problem with the special attacks is  they feel unnecessary 9mcuh like blocking) as your characters is somewhat overpowered throughout the game. Although I don’t knock the game to much for this as this isn’t the kind of game where you want to be fighting half of the time and instead be doing other quest and talking to people to see all the whimsical things occurring in the game.

Traversing the world can be slow in the beginning,  but Deathspank’s leveling system gives you some crafty games to make the game both faster and easier through six various abilities. These abilities allow you to move faster, increase weapon/armor levels, blocking ability, damage boost, and increase money. Also Deathspank can fast travel throughout the world with the use of outhouses. These outhouses act as his fast travel options as well as his checkpoint for when Deathspank is defeated in battle!
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The Loot quest in the game are great. They all have some ridiculous reason behind them having to be done such as defeating giant two eyed cyclops because it was meant to destroy weaker monsters but now is causing a ruckus to chickens.  All 73 side missions are enjoyable and quick as you never really have to stray to far away to complete a quest and if you ever do, you can simply go to an outhouse to fast travel to your destination.

Of course this this game is a loot grind adventure game at it’s core and is a serviceable one at that. The game contains plenty of variates of hysterical loot. Every piece of loot has it’s own The loot menu’s are well done for a console loot game as the game always applies the strongest armor onto your character, and when you have to sell things you have the option to “grind” your loot for money. My only problem is this area of the game is you always get the best armor you need from looting enemies, and you never feel you need to buy anything because you get the best items from loot. This leaves you with a ton of great loot to sell, but no way to spend the money except on cheap potions.
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Deathspank also features local co-op where you and a partner can play together. the second players plays as Sparkles! Sparkles is a Mage that gets stronger as DS gets stronger and supports him in his travels with heal spells and magic attacks. The lack of an online co-op option hurts the game though as many suspected to be able to join others people game previous to release.

Visuals: The world of Deathspank is unique visually due to it’s pop up book, cell shaded style. The wo rld although cartoony is beautiful and the mix of 3D and 2D present themselves very well. Also,I must say, for a downloadable game, the world in Deathspank is rather large and pretty you never feel as if you’ve been in an area for too long as each area has it's own theme. 

Sound: The voice acting in the game are of course over the top, and nit pick and at every archetype of characters you would expect to see in a videogame like this. A farmer is guaranteed to sound like a redneck who bathes with his pigs and the antagonist is an exaggerated drama queen who speaks in the style of opera. The voice acting matches the games comedic flare and always has bit in every sentence and option that’ll keep you laughing.

The dialogue in the game is hilarious as Deathspank is one of the few games where you make sure to talk to every person, and explore every voice option, just to hear what kind of witty comments a characters has to say. The game does contain some Monkey Island references throughout the game, and pokes fun of other popular games from today such as World of Warcraft. 
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Conclusion: Deathspank is a Ron Gilbert game from A to Z. The dialogue in this game is rather  funny and although it won’t have you laughing at loud all the time, the game will always find a way to bring a smile to your face and let your laugh a bit to yourself inside your head.  The games top notch comedic style, mixed with solid gameplay, and a beautiful world make Deathspank a must play for anyone with a PS3 or Xbox360. I suggest that everyone at  least try the trials on PSN/XBL if they’re not sure whether they like this game; but if you are interested at all in this game, I would say pick it up as the game won’t let you down for all 10-15 hours it takes to beat the game. Thumbs up Buy