A macbook pro i5 or a PC i7?

Easy question, which one should I get. A macbook pro with i5 or a PC with i7? 
I will use it when I soon starting the university, and it´s a "workingcomputer", so I wont play any games or so.   
I will read to be a engineer by the way, if that´s substantial.
Please help me out.


Help me find a laptop... Plz!!

I really want the new starcraft II game, but my computer sucks and it can´t handle the game and that´s for sure. So I need a new laptop that can play starcraft II and that doesn´t destroy the game graphically if you know what I mean. I have approximately like 1000-1200$ to spend on a new laptop.    
So, do you have any suggestions?      


1000 score on MW2 :)

Finished modern warfare 2 about a week ago. It was so much easier to get 1000 gamescore on MW2 than it was on MW.  
Do you agree/disagree??