Dead Space 2 and my fatal error in playing it.

I stopped.

I've had Dead Space 2 since it's launch date I believed, and when I picked it up, I felt incredibly confident in my skills. I had recently S-Ranked it's predecessor, leaving me on a high from the Hard playthrough. Now, with my initial experiences with this game, I did exceptionally well. I managed my inventory and ammo, used melee appropriately and not like a suicidal maniac -- I played it pretty well.

Judging from my achievements, the last time that I played this game was in February of last year.

As with all games that you don't play for a long period of time, I've clearly gotten rusty. I'm not even playing on Zealot -- just on Survivalist. But I have died more in the single chapter I am on than I ever remember doing in the rest of my time with the game.

I'm not even sure what it is. Was it my upgrade path? Have I just gotten that truly godawful? If I had an agenda or some kind of method to my madness in the power node placement on my weapons and RIG, it's been a long time out of mind. I don't remember any of these characters or why they're important (or tremendous dicks). And it's a shame really. I won't restart my game, because I'm a prideful son of a bitch, but it's led to a sort of souring of my experience as well. Not that I'm having an awful time. Just that I'm not having as good of a time as I know I would have, had I not put it down and been so hesitant to come back to it.