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Heavy Rain (PS4) 0

Heavy Rain makes a good case study for seeing how cinematic adventure games have evolved over time, but that doesnt mean great gameplay. The overuse of Quick Time Events, its use of the DualShock's motion-sensing capabilities to simulate movement feels dated nowaways. Full review: ...

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review 3

   Here's my Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review...

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Review 0

   My review of Amnesia - The Dark Descent! ...

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Mafia II Review 0


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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review 0


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The Secret of Monkey Island SE Review 0

   Here's my review of the Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition). ...

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Crackdown 2 Review 1

   Here's my Crackdown 2 Review. ...

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A so so Hack 'N Slasher 0

Legend Hand of God is all about you ridding the world of evil by finding - you guessed it - the 'Hand of God'. Cliché cliché galore! This is standard Hack 'n Slash dungeon crawler fully mouse driven. RPG fans will feel right at home. There is hardly any learning curve, which is a good thing. Still, there is nothing new here, except for the cursor that is turned into your guiding fairy. In dark places it lightens the environments, which is the only novel idea i could find in this game... Talking ...

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Civilization Revolution 2

Reviewing Civilization is different from reviewing other games. It's not the graphics or the sound effects, things people are focussing on nowadays. It's not the fact that it is turn-based. It was done before. No. It's the concept that is so appealing. Or better, it's the feeling you get from playing the game with such a strong concept. It's human history in one simple game. It enables you to really really feel the power of being a world leader. On you it depends what will happen to your subject...

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