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Is this a good deal? I want to play both Wind Waker and Wonderful 101 and this seems like the best deal around. Has anyone found it for cheaper?


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@Yummylee said:

I really like the Bandit weapons designs and their purposely awful spelling. Plus they have incredibly powerful sounding shotguns. I'm not a huge fan of the Jakobs guns anymore. They just don't quite have the same feel as they did in the original, and most didn't carry over that classic wooden-made look and now just look like generic sci-fi guns. They make some damn fine sniper rifles, though.

Maliwan are still fantastic because of dat element damage, and they also look super snazzy with a cool glow to them. Most of 'em look like they're right out of Halo. Torque are pretty solid, especially their shotguns considering they all shoot rockets. I honestly never bother with Tediore since they're mostly kinda meh. I'm not so much of a fan of the Hyperion guns either, with that weird 'shoot more to increase accuracy' gimmick they all have. It's... unique, but it doesn't make them any more fun nor effective to use. I haven't even found any Eridian yet, besides that one they give you for an early quest, so I can't comment on those.

Vladof and Dahl are kinda... generic, frankly. I don't go out of my way to avoid their guns, though I also don't often come across anything noteworthy from them, either. It just recently occured to me that the Atlas manufactured guns aren't in here anymore. Then again considering the entire organisation was pretty much terminated (?) it makes sense.

EDIT: Oh, and I voted for Bandits. Maliwan definitely comes in second, though.

I keep a Hyperion around just in case I get killed. It's pretty effective when you're down and can't iron sight, you can just hold down the trigger and fire accurately. Unlike everyone other weapon type where you have to burst fire to maintain any kind of accuracy.

That said, I prefer Jacob pistols.

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It was the podcast during/just after GDC 2012, and the game was indeed called Fract or something very similar. Was about learning to play a synthesizer.