100 Hour Club

Games I've spent more than one hundred hours of my life in.

I only add stuff that I have on record, such as save file timers, memory card data, or hour tracking by Xfire/Raptr/Steam/Galaxy etc.

List items

  • At close to 2000 (yes, thousand) hours (1980 to be exact), this behemoth of a game is the one I've sunk the most time into. I've been a froob, been a subscriber, hung out at the Glass Dancefloor tuned in to Gridstream productions/DJ Dynamiks & the Field of Dreams, made countless characters ("twinking" is insanely fun in this game), played it with friends in high school, introduced and mentored friends to the game later on... Yeah. Anarchy Online, man. What a game.

  • I probably have over 1000 hours in this game at this point. In December 2018 I decided to finally 100% the game, and in April 2019 I'm stil playing. I've yet to see all the quest lines or explore all the locations, but I'm slowly getting there. This game was mind-blowing at the time, and it was my first open world rpg... I consider it one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Most of my time was spent hunting zombies with TMPs in Zombie Mod. While most people held out and camped, I was part of a "mini-clan" of zombie hunters. Few games have had such an interestingly high "skill ceiling" where you can really team with your friends, pop in front of them and keep zombies back, fall back and reload while the other keeps them back... Really satisfying.

  • The second MMO I've paid for and one I had a lot of fun in until everyone I knew stopped playing and I realized I was doing the same thing over and over again.

  • Fantastic at first but they lost me with the updates. I used to play medic exclusively for a while. I disliked the update that made it free to play and forced you to spend money on "tickets" so that you could get loot. Waiting 50 minutes "in line" to get into a game only to find that the server "is using another version of the game" was also fun. Haven't really tried it again since then.

  • 100%. Did it.

  • Yeah, so I'm one of those blasphemers who really liked NGE. I played a Twi'lek Entertainer who later became a Martial Artist. I also spent a lot of time actually role-playing in this game.

  • Let me tell you about the glorious Mughal-Ottoman empire stretching from Spain to Japan...

  • Reaper of Souls got me back into the game after having had a really terrible late game experience with patch 1.13, and I ended up playing a ton of it. RoS really fixed the issues I had with the game.

  • I own both the EU and US versions of this game. And the Steam version. You do the math! I've done pretty much everything you can do in the game (and the expansion).

  • I only played the original release for about a week before I HAD TO STOP. It was one of the worst addictions I've experienced in gaming. I've hopped in a few times after that, but it's never been as bad as during that first week.

    I returned a few years later with trials, the "free to level 20" program, and finally subscribed with the release of Warlords of Draenor and joined some friends WHO WERE STILL PLAYING.

    I got two characters (one alliance, one horde) up to level 100-ish and had a good time doing so.

  • I played a ton of this, mostly thanks to the expansions. I played this with Spotify in the background playing really epic (medival) movie themes and such which turned into this really wonderful, memorable and unique experience. It also helped that I played this really cool ranger that could track and read the minds of animals. Very fond of this game.

  • ... At one point I ended up on a server with XP gain and levels, and I got absolutely hooked. I designed my character around the concept of using only the crowbar, and got really good at it.

  • "10 minutes here and there" adds up to an absolutely ridiculous amount of time in the long run... The worst part was that at some point I reached some kind of equilibrium where the energy cost of missions didn't matter because I had such a huge energy pool that I would level up before I ran out of energy, meaning I could just keep playing almost indefinitely. Meaning 10 minutes ended up being an hour or so of clicking. The numbers, they kept going up...

  • I played through once with a regular character, and a second time with an imported character from Baldur's Gate. What a power fantasy! Most quests took place inside the main city which really made it feel alive. Great stuff.

  • I did all the quests except for one. There was something really satisfying about fishing your own fish, chopping your own wood, making your own fire, cooking the fish you caught on the fire you made, and then running into a dungeon where you would fight monsters... healing yourself with the fish you had cooked, in order to mine, so that you could take the ores and smith them into new & better armor and weapons. It's basically The Settlers online but you're the only settler.

  • I think my first game of Civ took over a week to finish. I played on the longest possible "time setting". I've messed around with it some more after that, but that first game of Civ is probably what I cherish the most about that whole experience.

  • Most of my time was spent on the expansion, and of course multiplayer.

  • Multiple playthroughs. I've done pretty much everything you can do in this game, and yet, I've never even played a tech character. I've beaten it as a magic focused character, and a social character. And a magic focused social character (Harm op plz nerf).

  • I bought the collector's edition, so I made sure I would "get my money's worth", actually putting in the effort to reach the "end-game". I enjoyed my time with GW2, but the inconvenience of using another launcher has made me slowly forget about it.

  • Multiple playthroughs (with new game+).

  • My first Final Fantasy game and the one that got me into FF. Did all optional hunts and espers.

  • I've played Terraria in both single- and multiplayer.

  • One of the more recent additions. Initially, I was extremely negative towards it. But when it clicked, it clicked hard.

  • Stardew Valley is what would happen if Animal Crossing was a good game.

  • It leans heavily into exploration & creativity. To me, it's a better Terraria.

  • Paradox, you did it again.

  • Multiple playthroughs of Prepare To Die, and finally 100%-ing the Remaster.

  • Two playthroughs. One blind, one while using a max slink guide.

  • Now you might be like wait, Xym, didn't you already put Skyrim on the list? Yes, little Timmy, I did, but see this is not Skyrim. This is an entry for HIMMELSRAND. I have spent over one hundred hours in the Special Edition of Skyrim, in GERMAN, which is my third language. The experience ended up different enough (and like 7 years apart) that I feel like it makes the list. Plus, it's listed as a completely different game in Steam, with separate hour tracking.

  • Got into this game in 2019. Who would have thought a grand strategy game would be one of the best role-playing games of all time?

  • 100%

  • Enhanced Edition