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Games I Used To Have

Some where sold, others lost, and one even got stolen! I don't blame the dude; Super Mario is awesome. Some of the lost games are probably at a parent's house, but I'll just put them up as lost since they aren't where they're supposed to be.

List items

  • I spent most of my time building stuff and watching my chubby settlers gather resources. You can never have enough storages.

    I always ran out of stone before I had to beat a map, which was bad, because it meant I HAD to fight to get to the next level. This game is lost, but probably at my dad's house.

  • Decent game. I'm not much of a racing fan. Sold it so that I could afford the PS2, which I got into late (I bought the PS2 for Persona 4).

  • I sold this game together with my playstation. I have some really fond memories of this one, playing it together with my step sister when we were young, so it's one of the games I regret selling. Thankfully a remastered PC version came out.

  • For playstation. Man, this game was hard. I never completed the last stretch of the game. Two friends and I struggled our way through it, passing the controller around on death. We got to the T-rex part and got wrecked. The whole thing collapsed, and they basically gave up and started dying intentionally on their tries. Game was sold. Have since then watched it on youtube to completion to have some kind of closure, but I have no intention of picking this thing up again.

  • As one of the lucky few who actually bought a copy of this game, I'm sad to say that I have absolutely no idea where it is. I basically visited a random video game store and browsed the shelves, picked this game up and looked at the screenshots at the back of the box. It looked like a FPS, and I bought it based on the screenshots. Never heard anything of it prior to that. Ended up being one of the best games I've ever played. I re-bought the Steam version, but it's not the same.

  • This game came with one of my old PCs. It's lost - but it's not like I'm bothered to look around for it. Stupid citizens always burning down their own homes. It's probably in a CD binder somewhere.

  • This game was stolen many many years ago, and I don't really blame the dude. Re-bought a complete copy in 2019.

  • Think my father might have this one somewhere. I mean, how do you lose 7 CDs? I played this at his house when I was WAY to young to be playing games like these, with a ton of people around the monitor, like my step sister, and everyone thought it was really scary. Fond memories. We were really young and probably weren't supposed to play it, but that just makes it better.

  • Best version of chess. Played the SHIT out of this game. I think the tower ate people and the queen would backstab the king. So fucking awesome. Remaster when?

  • I played this game until I was able to get an absolutely amazing round of free-for-all on my favorite map, Temple of Redemption, After that I lost interest. I was like "okay, never going to play that well ever again." so I quit. Like a quitter. And then I put the disc somewhere where I don't know where it is.

  • Yeah, so I was one of the people who didn't cry about which game out of Q3 v UT was the best, and played both. I played mostly against bots in this one though while Q3 was mostly multiplayer, but that's fine. Had a ton of fun doing that.

  • A friend just straight up gave it to me. Don't know where it is. Did I give it back? Who knows.

  • I know I tried to play it some years back, but it wasn't fun to get back into. Did I throw it away? Most fun I had in it was probably the multiplayer, going knife only against dudes.

  • This was my first taste of the civ formula and turn-based stuff... So addictive... Don't know where the CD is. Potential re-purchase through GOG or Steam (preferably steam if that ever happens).

  • I used to spend 1-2 hours per mission on expert, and played through levels multiple times. The disc is MIA, probably at my dad's house, but since I've re-bought it on steam it's whatevz.

  • See Doom II.

  • I think this was a bundle pack called Doom 95? In the words of Duke, "Ungh, where is it?!"

  • I remember liking this game a lot. It's possible my father sold it at some point.

  • The best part with Qbasic games was that you could reprogram them, because I launched them through Qbasic. So awesome. I sunk a TON of time into this and Nibbles.bas (or, as barbarians call it, "Snake")

  • So much time went into this. This is the TRUE Snake game for me. Like Gorillas, I think they were lost because they came pre-installed on my computer back then? And when I got a new one, they disappeared with the old one? I don't know.

  • This was probably on a floppy disk? I don't have it. I remember playing it on multiple screens though, one screen only able to produce like... Black and yellow in terms of color?

  • Played a lot of this. MIA. No idea how I got it to begin with? But maybe it was just the shareware? I remember fighting the last boss though?

  • This is an odd one. I liked it a lot, but I doubt my parents bought it. I know I had the shareware, but for some reason, I also remember playing really late stages like the ice stage and stuff. And they weren't part of the shareware, right? So I know I played the full version at some point? But I don't know how that's possible. This must've been in a time where we still had 56k modems, and downloading this game doesn't seem likely at all. This was all pre filesharing, too.

  • I know I had the full version of this, because I was awful at it, and a friend of mine played through the entire thing while I watched. Dunno where it went after that. Maybe I gave it to him? Who knows.

  • This was put up as a free download by Westwood if I remember correctly. I never burned it to a CD, so I don't know where it is today. Probably somewhere on the internets.

  • I know I finished it recently, since I recorded hours on Xfire. Other than that, who knows?

  • See AoE, the previous entry.

  • Honestly? Who knows. Back then you only needed like 1 disk to play with like... 4 friends or something. It could be with any 4th friend at this point.

  • I still have the box, but I have NO IDEA where the game is. And no, it's not in my console. Re-bought a complete copy in 2019. So now I have two boxes. Rip?

  • Elasto Mania and Liero were two games I used to play at school and then downloaded when I came home. Free games, awesome games. Not really "lost", but hey, don't have them anymore and not sure if they're still around.

  • See Liero

  • See next entry, for "Sega Master System"

  • My mother supposedly "dropped it while she was cleaning" which is a likely story, because I probably played the SHIT out of Chase HQ and she was like dude that's not healthy I better sell this. So that's what I think happened.

  • I totally bought the PC version, because I had the box and everything. Most likely at my dad's house. I also remember playing the playstation version with a friend, and we played through most of the game without brains. We just thought that was really funny when we noticed.

  • The best of the stations what plays. Having a PS2, this would've been silly to keep. For me at least. Backwards compatibility for the yays.

  • I don't know man. Why am I so bad at this?

  • Why do these games keep disappearing?

  • The hell????????????