holidayses & psn decisions

I had some good holidays
got engaged and joined the Manchester United
and finally got my mitts on some Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time
as well as gift cards which I used to get PSN cards which I used to get Um Jammer Lammy (weird and confusing) and Pixeljunk Shooter (haven't played yet) and...
actually undecided on what other PSN thing to get... Wipeout interests me, but I'm like $1 short
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 just doesn't seem worth the $15, + fighting games just don't have lasting appeal for me
Soul Calibur IV and Street Figther 4 couldn't hold my interest despite great excitement...
whew almost listed all my previous PSN purchases & asked for recommendations there...
don't wanna be one of THOSE narcissistic trolls
hope everyone else got more than socks from father christmas!
edit:  almost forgot to mention!
one of the reasons I started typing this instead of sleeping was to gripe about the 1.8GB patch for the MAG public beta - ooo & its crawlin too
shoulda known the 500MB download from the PSN store was a bit lightweight
edit again:  blood simple was prty awesome
coen bros first movie and they already have their style downpat
making it so interesting to watch people do such stupid things
and they have no idea what's going on!! ^^
+ been wondering if the ps2 avatar (the last airbender) games are worth checking out
recently discovered the show and have an appetite for moooooaaar....
& MAG isn't even playable til like 1/10/2010
just gonna sit on my HDD for almost 2 weeks??