Super Ken Fighter: Day IV

Back in Exeter, and I introduced Tom to the wonderous world of BlazBlue. He seemed to really enjoy it and we had a lot of fun, however our character switching playstyles meant that we felt the shortage of players hurt the variety slightly when compared to something like Street Fighter. The characters are all so different that I guess it works out okay. He is leaning heavily towards Arakune as a favourite, while I'm starting to really enjoy using Noel a lot, although I really enjoy Rachel so will be working hard on her multitasking control playstyle.
Also hit up my GBA, which I've brought down with me, and got into some Pokémon of all previous varieties pre-DS. Also a bit of Dr. Mario and some Wario Land 4. Was about to head to bed when I spotted the Super Street Fighter IV live stream - and start of TNT - which has just gotten started. And speaking of which, that's just started up again after some technical difficulties, so I'm going to head off now.
Ken out.