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My Favourite Songs in Games.

Alright, this is a list comprising of games which I've loved the soundtracks to. Will add as I think of more.

I'll also try to include an example of one of my favourite tracks where possible/appropriate.

List items

  • Amazing throughout, but the song they play during combat is one of the best choices for a song. A classic tune, done in a way that suits the game to a tee. It was an inspired choice, and somehow it never gets annoying. Also I can't now hear it without wanting to go and play Bayonetta. So yeah, I'm off to play some Bayonetta...

    "Fly Me to the Moon - Climax Remix":

  • Come on, Life is Beautiful is amazing. This game may not be, but that song alone is phenomenal, and it sits among several other tracks on this game's soundtrack which I still listen to from time to time.

    "Life is Beautiful":

  • I could really have taken the theme from any of the Monkey Island games, but I had to pick one and this is a really strong version. Love it in all its forms though.

    Monkey Island Theme (MI2SE:LR):

  • Pretty good song, perhaps not my favourite of 2010 but I get why Giant Bomb picked it as theirs.

    Pac-Man CE:DX - Menu Music:

  • Oh man, everything about this game's music is just so damn catchy. Watching the Endurance Run probably didn't help, but I don't think the battle music will ever leave my mind.

    "Reach Out to the Truth":

  • Easy choice. The whole of Darren Korb's soundtrack is beautiful. Worthy of being played in almost any situation and is great to listen to in full in its own right. The first level where "Build That Wall" plays is one of the most wonderful moments I've experienced in games.

    Darren Korb - Bynn the Breaker