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Going to Japan on Thursday, need game suggestions.

So on the 16th I will be making yet another visit to what I feel like is becoming my second home. While I can read kana and a wee bit of Kanji, any time I go to the game stores I feel overwhelmed and my mind shuts down and it all becomes a wall of scribble scrabble. This time I'm going to try and be proactive and hopefully get some ideas for some quality DS/PSP/PS3 games, new or old. It doesn't help that I feel rushed whenever I'm trying to browse, my girl gets impatient quick and that throws my thought process even more in the garbage. 
I'm not looking for any RPG's though, so I suppose that knocks about half of the game suggestions out! On a side note, does anyone know any good game stores in Osaka other than the usual ones like Super Potato? I have been to both locations in Osaka but I know there must be more out there with the same mix of new and old in one store.


Sorry Ryan, Tastykakes>Hostess

Clearly your palette is not refined enough for the deliciousness that is a Tastykake. I heard your rant on the BLLSL about how Philly folks have no idea what is good when it comes to Twinkies vs. Tastykake's.Obviously you have never had a Butterscotch Krimpet, If you have and don't like it, well you are a lost cause. Hostess treats are mass produced country wide trash. 

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Help naming a game.

So it's been bothering me for a bit now. There is a certain Genesis game that I had years ago, it was pretty bad, but I still want to go back and see just how bad it was. From what I can recall, your goal in this game was to shoot and kill a different monster/alien in each level. You just used crosshairs on the screen to aim and shoot, sort of first person style but you moved the crosshairs like you would in a game like "Cabal".
It was really odd, you only fought one enemy per level, almost like a whole game of boss battles. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Choke on a turkey leg

As for the regular season of football I can't wait. But if we are talking about the Madden game, I could go the rest of my life without seeing or playing one second of it and be a happy man. 



I tried to play sf4 and just could not get into it like I could back in the 90's. Fighting games are off my radar now and probably forever. So to answer, I could care less.