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Taking the fear out of F.E.A.R. 1

What does the F.E.A.R. franchise mean to you? Does it mean creepy thrills or high octane multiplayer action? Your answer to this question will determine whether or not you will enjoy F.E.A.R. 3 (I will never, NEVER spell a word with a number) because Day 1 Studios have made a whole new kind of F.E.A.R game that may please some and revolt others.This is as scary as it gets.F.E.A.R. 3 has a pretty straightforward story despite the two games that have preceded it meaning that new comers can jump in...

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The Lost Hobo King Review 0

DLC can be a tough thing to do. You have to offer new gameplay mechanics and situations while building on the original game. Mass Effect 2 comes to mind when thinking about good downloadable content, keeping the game’s original gameplay and characters fresh, giving them new and exciting situations to evolve in. Stacking’s first (and only?) expansion, The Lost Hobo King, gives you more Stacking and not much else. Hobo King’s plot is set after the ending to Stacking’s main plot. You must help Levi...

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Worthy of the Red Carpet. 0

From the outside, Yoostar 2 does not look like a good game. The guy on the front of the box makes it scream bargain bin and the Kinect logo certainly doesn't do it any favors. Kinect games have been known for being lame party games that don't deserve your time or dollars and Yoostar's biggest flaws originate from the Kinect hardware. But if you're willing to give Yoostar a shot, you'll realize that beneath its ugly looks is one of the funnest party games to grace consoles in years.  Yoostar is b...

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Death by Numbers. 0

Do you enjoy death? Are you the kind of person who laughs at obscene, comical demises such as the ones found in The Itchy and Scratchy Show? Than Swarm might appeal to you. Its quirky sense of humor and weird concept seem fun at first before being violently shot down by poor controls, bad level design and a game breaking bug that will have more than one player give up before the credits roll.Swarm doesn't care about telling a story. You play as a swarm of little blue guys who must cause enough m...

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A Worthy Successor to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 2

Homefront is what you would call a train wreck. A disaster that is hard to understand when everything looked so promising. Who  didn't instantly think of Freedom Fighters when first seeing this, who didn't love the idea of an alternate future where North Korea invaded the U.S. of A and you had to set it free? Unfortunately, all these hopes are shattered after about 10 minutes of gameplay. As mentioned before, the game's plot centers around a resistance group in a North Korean occupied America. E...

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A Beginner's Review 0

Me and fighting games have had a weird relationship. The fighting game genre is something that I love watching at a semi-professional level but when it comes to playing I am terrible at. This is coming from the man who sold and bought Street Fighter 4 3 times in 2 years.  So of course, when MvC 3 was announced, I immediately got excited despite the fact that I have yet to win a match in MvC 2 (I can't bring myself to understand that game). So, like some of you I hope, I came into this game compl...

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Good but needed more Jeff Bridges. 0

Tron: Evolution is a movie game, plain and simple. They can throw around the term that this is a totally seperate story to the movie but at the end of the day, the game was made to sell tickets. As most of you must know, good movie video games are rare, so rare that very little people believe that they are still possible. Which is why Tron: Evolution is a welcome surprise. It has interesting gameplay and story that make for an above average game that is actually worth playing (shocker !).  Tron:...

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The Force is (kind of) strong with this one. 2

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is many things but let me first tell you what it is not: unleashed. The first one is what I like to call a beautiful failure. It was awesome in its own way, letting you be a complete awesome bad ass with crazy force powers and a really good story (for a Star Wars game). But it failed at being a good game: the level design was broken, the combat bland and filled with bugs that ruined the overall experience. The sequel kind of fixes these problems but doesn't suce...

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If it ain't broke... 0

Who doesn't like zombies ? Yes, they're getting old but they're just so much fun to kill ! Seeing their rotten head pop, rotten brains flying everywhere, is probably one of the coolest things video games let you do in this day and age. And I bet you hadn't guessed it yet but Dead Rising 2 takes the art of killing the walking dead and turns it up to 11.  Dead Rising 2 is the sequel to 360 exclusive Dead Rising that came out mid 2006. The original locked you up in a mall and you had to survive 72 ...

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Reach for the stars 7

Halo: Reach is kind of the Empire Stikes Back of the Halo franchise. I'm not saying it's the best one, because it's not. I'm saying this because of the tone. Halo: Reach is the story planet Reach, and the war that destroyed it. It's a story filled with death, depressive scenes and little hope. And yes, despite all this, this is a Halo game, and a pretty darn good one too.  Game is split into a variety of modes but three stand out the most: the Campagne, the gigantic, deeper than the ocean Multip...

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Naughty and Nice 9

You don't see games like Naughty Bear anymore. It's a points based action hack'n'slash game that doesn't take itself too seriously. You play as Naughty, a pissed off bear who's out for revenge and most importantly for a highscore on the online leaderboards. The game uses different gameplay elements that aren't all that great and in the end form a mixed bag of ideas that seemed great on paper but fail to reach their true potential.  The story in Naughty Bear is inexistant. The game takes place on...

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review 1

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BC 2) is the sequel to the original Bad Company released two and a half years ago. The original was a departure from other Battlefield games as it had a good campaign with a story and emphasized on destructible environments. The sequel tries to expand on what made the first one so great and does this with differing sucess.  The first mode that appears when you start up the game is the campaign so let's start with that. The game follows the on going adventures of Bad C...

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Heavy Rain Review 0

  Heavy Rain is a rare gem. It doesn't really have an equivalent, the closest game I can think of is Indigo Prophecy also developed by Quantic Dream. Thankfully though Heavy Rain is a far better game and experience and will take you places you never thought video games could.  Heavy Rain is the story of 4 characters who are all involved in the hunt for the Origami Killer, a serial killer who kidnaps and drowns young boys, leaving only an origami figure on their dead bodies. The player starts the...

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