Let's get this show on the road!!!!

Not being someone who is a prolific blogger, I am somewhat surprised to find myself so enthusiastically typing random nonsense into this here blog, but this is no ordinary website. Like the many other folk who have been frequenting Giant Bomb since its initial inception as a blog back in, um- March, I think- I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the finished product and getting totally stuck in to everything that the site has to offer. I'm looking forward to creating a few articles about totally obscure NES and Mega Drive games (will Giant Bomb call the Mega Drive the Genesis or the Mega Drive?- That's an important question), and just generally making my unique presence felt in the wider Giant Bomb community. In this blog, you can expect to hear a fairly inflammatory and downright immature discussion of games, primarily, and anything else that I might happen to be thinking about at the time. I'm currently playing Lost Planet *gulp*, and so I might very well end up venting about that game's many, mant shortcomings and also its few saving graces. So yeah, probably best to avoid this blog for the forseeable future.