2017 Top 10 cuz why not

Everyone else made one and this is my first list so let's do this.

List items

  • I know a lot of people had issues with some of the story beats and actual gameplay segments, but I thought this game was a non stop blast from start to finish with excellent voice acting, outrageous set pieces, interesting plot twists, and an open world filled with equally engaging side content.

  • A brand new IP that hits it out of the park with its first entry. I hope future entries will be able to build on and improve on an already very solid foundation.

  • I've dumped so much time into this game and it somehow never gets old. I don't think I'll ever find so much to love about an MMO as I have this one.

  • It's pretty rare for a game to fill me with fun childhood memories of playing SM64 for the first time, but this game does that and way, way, more.

  • Ssssssssssssstyle.

  • A refreshing challenge compared to most modern crpgs, with a lot of attention to detail in terms of how the world reacts to your character and build that really makes you want to come back to it and try something new.

  • People had their technical issues with this game, but I guess I was lucky and was able to play through the entire game without any major hitches or bugs. A fun romp through a dystopian alternate timeline, despite its shortcomings.

  • It's a big Zelda game and it's a lot of fun. I easily spent an inordinate amount of time exploring between pursuing the story and completing its "dungeons", which were sadly very short.

  • I have a soft spot for dumb anime games and this scratches all sorts of power fantasy and worlds colliding itches.

  • I don't think this game is actually all that good. The combat is overly simplistic, the dungeons are all the same, and the side content is mostly grinding out progress bars. Despite that, I love the hell out of this dumb anime game because the story is great, the characters are fun, and the music is bliss.