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The Sickest Of The Illest Of The Coolest Shit Out There Y'all

This is a list of all the shit I like.

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  • I mean, come on!

  • He will SWING THE SWORD AS FAST AS YOU HIT THE BUTTON. There is no limit to how fast he will swing that damn sword!

  • I dunno if there are any good Robocop games, but Robocop is awesome.

  • They keep putting hamburgers in video games because hamburgers are delicious!

  • Pizza is good too!

  • Cats are great.

  • Football is my favorite sport. You can pass OR run!

  • Greatest




  • The guy is fucking unstoppable, ok?

  • It's what keeps us going in video games and real life.

  • There should be more video games about breakdancing.

  • It's way cooler than steampunk.

  • He makes good music.

  • I drink one every single day and I involuntarily twitch a lot. I will never stop.

  • It's the best Tony Hawk game ever.

  • The first game is great too, but they really hit perfection with this one. Infinitely more interesting than any rhythm game about rock music.

  • Probably the best boss name of all time.

  • Wait, no! I don't like cops!

  • He was a really good professional American football quarterback.

  • Rez isn't the greatest video game of all time, not by a long shot. But it might be the COOLEST video game of all time.

  • I appreciate 50 Cent's contributions to the world of video games. That tweet he posted about taking out his grandma's trash was really funny, too.

  • There was a period of time where I could get through the Xbox 360 version of Portal in like 25 minutes, so I would do that whenever I needed to pass the time. I played through Portal 2 only a couple of times, but it's arguably a much better game. Both of them are great.

  • It seems like the bottom has kinda fallen out of Trackmania 2, but the core concept and gameplay of the series are both amazing. There's nothing else like it.

  • I appreciate everything he does.

  • Wall jumping is either the best or worst part of any game.

  • Love games with a dash move. Bonus points if the game features air dashing.

  • I heard you don't fight this guy at the end of the Deadmines in Cataclysm anymore. There's a reason I stopped playing WoW well before Cataclysm came out.

  • This is one of the few multiplayer games that kept me coming back for a long time. The flight controls were some of the best ever. Its sequel Starhawk was pretty good too, but it didn't stick with me as much.

  • Shepard.

  • Asura's Wrath is a better Dragon Ball Z video game than any actual Dragon Ball Z video game.

  • It's extremely obvious now why the Dreamcast was a horrible failure, but there's a certain charm to it, from the weird controller with the cord coming out of the bottom to the Windows CE logo on the console. Soul Calibur is an awesome game, too.

  • The ultimate video game girlfriend.

  • I think I liked this game more than a lot of people. It had a lot of the same appeal as LittleBigPlanet but it was way more functional as a video game.

  • Nier is a super weird game that is a sequel to a secret bonus ending in a semi-obscure PS2 RPG that I never played. It's got a pretty interesting story (that requires a bit of Wiki reading beforehand to really understand) and solid combat.

  • They basically looked at the motorcycle chase at the beginning of Akira and made four sweet racing games out of it. The IP is owned by some Canadian phone app developer that I'm not entirely convinced actually exists, as their Twitter account has zero tweets.

  • It's the only Popcap game I care about. Making a great shot is one of the most euphoric things in video games.

  • It's not a perfect game, but I admire Nintendo for making this weird-ass thing about cleaning up pollution their flagship Mario game for the Gamecube.

  • It's not actually a good game, but I found a GameCube memory card a couple of years ago and I had over 100 hours played on this game from when I was a kid. I was a stupid fucking kid.

  • There are so many ridiculous moments in this game. Kojima just went all-out in crafting the dumbest shit imaginable, like the scene where Liquid Ocelot uses finger guns to shoot down helicopters. Also, the final boss fight is just two old dudes ruthlessly beating the shit out of each other on top of a submarine.

  • What would video games be without swords?

  • I love cultural diversity.