Yesiamaducks top 20 of 2013 or some shit like thati

So I felt like I had to do this because the is a list feature so here is my list.

List items

  • I loved Origins, I never thought in my wildest dreams that Legends would ever top it and was positively devastated to find that this game would only come out on the wii u (thankfully this changed). This game is stunning, it's the most fun I've EVER had with a video game, the constant grin on my face was infectious as my friends couldn't help but notice the sheer fun I had playing this title. The is so much content, so much style & so much fun to be found in this title. It's better than any Mario game I have ever played, better than any Sonic Game I've ever played and is damn well one of the best games I have EVER played. It's just amazing and it's such a shame it didn't sell better... oh well hopefully it will garner momentum like Origins did once people like me start gushing about it. PS I want more of those musical levels as DLC and I WANT IT NOW!

  • Some may argue Rocksmith 2014 isn't a game, the ducks I shot with my guitar may beg to differ, simple reason why this game is in this list and so damned high despite only having owned it a month... it's teaching me a skill that I can use outside of gaming and doing a damn good job of it at that. Went in being a decent bass player but useless with the guitar (chords were too much for my rigid fingers) but after 1 month the improvement I've shown has been massive. Sure I can only play a handful of songs but that's a handful more than I could previously and I've even started writing simple songs on the guitar! For only one month (around 30hours) that is impressive stuff.

  • I never liked the Tomb Raider series but I loved this iteration. As far as combat is concerned I thought Tomb Raider had the best combat of the year, it was incredibly fun and no matter how many encounters I faced I always looked forward to the next skirmish... the PC port also looked spectacular & least we forget the astonishing sound design which often gets overlooked. It's not a great story even though it try's so hard to be one, but as far as pure gameplay is concerned I don't think any other game in this genre even came close this year.

  • I saw the quick look of this game and thought it looked terrible, saw it get a PC port and after endless praise from Brad I decided to buy it. As far as gameplay goes this game isn't exactly taxing nore difficult but it tells a story in it's controls alone, and what a devastating story it ends up being. The ending hit incredibly hard, an amazing fantasy adventure with one of the best in game worlds I've ever seen, it breeds intrigue and endlessly feeds your imagination.

  • Fantastic world, amazing voice acting, great and memorable story... THE PERFECT GAME, if it wasn't for the over saturation of combat. But that world alone, and the characters it brings a long with it keeps this game often leaving me breathless and it was totally worth the 2nd play-through just to relive some of those moments that will stick with me forever. Just a shame about the endless combat.

  • This brawler oozes in style, it's incredibly funny and it's fiendishly playable and surprisingly intricate. Brawlers usually bore me pretty fast but this one kept me until the bitter end, great game all around... I wish I had a portable to play it on because I imagine this game would be awesome on the crapper.

  • Saints Row: The Third was my favorite game of 2011 and whilst this one doesn't QUITE hit those heights it mostly comes incredibly close. The super powers were a joy to use in the open city and the humour had been refined to make it less reliant on potty humour and was sharper overall. The only thing holding it back is the lack of new content and weaker missions, but other than that it was the same great sandbox with new toys.

  • This is probably the best interactive art installation I've ever had the pleasure of playing (previously this was Proteus) the humor is well written, the sense of exploration is vast despite being contained in the same few corridors and it's commentary on gaming as whole is pretty much spot on... let The Stanley Parable surprise you with it's clever endings and easter eggs and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did.

  • Again another game that according to Giant Bomb came out in 2012 but again according to steam 2013... Trust me I was genuinely surprised to like this game as much as I did but the is something endlessly satisfying about driving around Europe in a great looking and feeling Simulation whilst listening to some of your favorite albums/podcast. I eagerly await the multiplayer mod which better have a CB voice filter!

  • This may have came out at the very end of 2012 but according to Steam, the platform I bought it on, it came out at the very start of 2013. Anyways this game is one of the best kart racers I've ever played, it's incredibly fun, looks fantastic and unlike recent Mario Karts has balanced power ups! A must for anyone who is a fan of kart racers yet don't own any of the big N platforms.

  • No other game conveyed it's message better than this one, it's sense of oppression that is projected by it's clunky game mechanics will actively make you change the way you think as the game progresses. If you don't bend the rules to make ends meet you'll certainly think about it, fantastic stuff.

  • It looks great, has a fantastic sense of atmosphere and is arguably the best purely puzzle game to come out this year. Fantastic mechanics, the ever looming sense of dread and that constant stream of satisfaction as you solve each room makes this a great puzzle game.

  • An incredibly well done rouge like which took the 'survival' concept to heart and made it it's core... a fantastic visual style and incredibly gratifying gameplay this game is an essential purchase for anyone interested in rogue like survival games.

  • It's silly, it's dumb, it doesn't take drugs... it's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The 80s aesthetic, with DAT soundtrack, works incredibly well and has just the right level of cheese to keep you going. A fresh take on the fantastic Far Cry 3 formula and a nice bite sized chunk of a great game.

  • I had very low expectations of this game and when I saw footage of it on the Xbox 360 I though it looked like trash, with it's terribly frame rate and *yawn* more zombies. Gladly I was wrong as I got gifted the PC port for Halloween and have never looked back, a Zombie survival sandbox which truly feels like the zombpocolypse.

  • I adored the first Bit Trip: Runner game despite not being a fan of the other Bit Trip games. This game improves on the first in almost every single way, with improved graphics and unlockables with the moreish of gameplay kept in tact.

  • This game had all the hallmarks of a cult classic & whilst it didn't hit it's concepts potential it certainly was an enjoyable experience for me. Loved the theme, the aesthetic and a handful of greatly done setpieces gives this flawed game a part on my list.

  • One of the biggest surprises this year; 140 is a very simple looking game and that's because it is. A rhythm platformer in every sense of the word which is used to great effect, incredibly short but totally engrossing.

  • Without any shadow of a doubt DOTA 2 is a highly competitive multiplayer game with an almost endless skill ceiling. A constant stream of new heroes ensures the is always something new to learn, whether playing with or against the hero, it's still not as good as LoL in my opinion but I still enjoy it a great deal.

  • Interesting Puzzles with an interesting asthetic, made you think outside the box and did away with many video game tropes, at the very least interesting and endlessly intriguing.