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A simple discussion got locked. What a surprise.

Nah, im gonna be smart and not make this one into a thread. Usually those go to shit and get hijacked or whatever. 
My topic was locked, and im not gonna deny it was not for good reason. The discussion was getting a little heated and the mod who closed got his purity a little offended. 
Still, no reason to go and delete my post, while mine was a simple harmless post unlike the guy who was calling him out. Then proceeds to lock the topic by calling the guy a douche? 
I know Giant Bomb forums are different from other places and the rules might state an ability to name call someon as the topic is being locked. (might have missed it somewhere). 
But come on! Show some civility! 
This aint the first time this mod has done something like that.  
But then again, not the first time another mod has done that too.   
IF he is reading this for some strange reason... I have a couple of requests. 
1. Stop hijacking my threads. A while ago you deleted my OP and made it your own. It was "Second Ultras" in the SSF4 forum. You did not ask my permission and while i do not know if it was a rule i might have missed giving you the right to do so, but at least as ive said, have some civility. 

2. Don't delete my posts. I know you want to have the last say when you lock a topic and i posted after Jeffsekai (or maybe a couple after) did. Sucks i closed the tab where my post was... i wouldve posted it here somewhere. 
Oh well, im getting my hopes up. I'll stay quiet in the mean time. But if it gets to a certian point. I'll be counseling to another. At least he has experience.