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I'm getting tired of the scene.

My local fighting game scene is getting a bit too much for something that was started just right almost 2 years ago. It was a fun way for us to get together for local tourneys and just have fun. Entry fees were low and everyone all-around were having a good time.

Then one of the promoters had BIGGER ideas. After the ego-inflation that happened when a team of 5 went to a bigger city and face their best players, they somehow thought they were invincible. Ready to take on the world! Their brightest idea came just a month ago. "Hey! let's invite these guys from YouTube! Our scene is gonna be big!"

That's all nice and swell, but the scene got boring real quick for people like us who wanted to have fun. 
Gone were the days when spectators can hang out for free... Now its a $20 charge
Gone were the days where entry was $5 for each game you wanted to participate. Now its an extra $10 for each.
You wan't me to spend a third of my weekly paycheck just for me to be "part of the scene"?

and what is the whole reason behind this? 
"Because the big boys do it this way." 
"Because thats how EVO does it"
This is not fucking EVO! This is a desert town!
No no, but i know the real reason. You wanted to charge this so you can make back all that money you spent getting "YouTube guys" down here to this little speck of the world in big hopes that the world would notice "the scene".
All of the quote "top local players" were just ready to suck off to the YouTube guys. Taking pictures, inviting them out to eat, all while the YouTube guys quietly laugh at your scene and enjoy some free tacos, courtesy of "the scene."

Now, I've left the scene. I no longer want to be associated with "your scene".

This almost ruined SF4 for me, Marvel, and even the new MK.
Sorry for being so salty, but the minute i quit the scene was when that same "THINK BIG" promoter messaged me, deafly sounding like he knew what he was talking about, saying how i got PlayStation Plus for the Mortal Kombat demo weeks before it came out.
Yeah... No. 
But ya'll know how it is, something that bothered you for so long and this little thing was just enough to make you say it was the last straw.

So, goodbye my local scene. In the end, you got "Too big" for me. If spending my hard earned money to bring YouTube down to our neck of the woods is your idea of "growing".

Count me out.

AND TO YOU JUST READING THIS!!! ... this is just used for venting. I don't expect anyone to read this, so i don't expect anyone replying.