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Best of 2010

PantyshotMQN: Best of 2010

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  • My GOTY for 2010. No other game this year had me playing this game every single second I got of free time. I side-quest'd, I mined, I DLC'd. Still cannot get enough of this game.

  • WoW: Ca-tack-alism to the purest of eyes just looks like another expansion for this already a monster of a game. But this... Ohhoho... This expansion does so much more. If BC nor WotLK did it for you, Cataclysm will. The new revamped questing, a story that blows Lich King's story out of the water & the new old world is so much fun to play in. This game shot up my list to #2 cus as of right now? I'm addicted all over again. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna keep leveling my Blood Elf Warlock.

  • Rock Band 3 was probably an answer to all my prayers that were left unanswered from Rock Band 2. Especially with Pro Guitar and Keys. Thinking to myself "a lot of great songs have keys... why not Rock Band?". FEARING that Activision would do this first (but thankfully were too stupid to realize) HMX goes out and gives me Keys. HOW COOL IS THAT? The setlist is great, the DLC keeps getting better and i can finally play Bohemian Rhapsody AS IT WAS INTENDED! ... Okay, fanboy out.

  • For a guy known for having a kinda-sorta-popular fighting game website, to have SSF4 #4 on his list is kinda saying something, huh? SSF4 adds so much to the game, and the same thing i said about SF4 last year still applies here. So why #4? ... well there were other games better than this. .. maybe next year Ono-san.

  • Jordan? The greatest of all-time? on my favorite B-ball game? All i can say was wow. and the intro to this game (yes, there's and intro) was so epic, so jaw-dropping, it bought me back to the days of me as a kid when I watched Jordan light it up on the court. Plus, this game killed NBA Elite!

    This game is more than just a roster update people, Wake the F up!

  • Bayonetta is freaking BANANAS, and thats why its MILES better than Devil May Cry. In fact, i'll go and say that Bayonetta got right what DMC could not when it comes to how inviting the gameplay is to those who do not have an OCD to memorize combos. Fast paced action, crazy style, odes to classic Sega games within the game? Whats not to love about this game?!

  • A game so bad... yet still manages to be better than Heavy Rain. Hmm...

  • Still have not played as much as I wanted to, but what i've played though is like NFS and Burnout had a baby cooler than "cool baby". (Okay so nothing is better than "Cool baby") But playing as a cop is largely satisfying! So why so down on the list? Cus playing the racer is not so fun yet.

  • What do you get when you add 4 friends, 3 large pizzas, 2 cases of beer, and this game? The most fun any closet or open Green Day fan can have.

  • FOOTBALL!!!!!!