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Suck at SSFIV? Try a new character!

So, I've had SSFIV for about a month, and have been total garbage until this last few days.
The difference? I changed to Bison.
Originally, I played Akuma in various Capcom fighters, rather casual. I knew he was powerful, and felt somewhat comfortable with him, so I decided to "main" him in Super 4. Turns out, that was a bad decision. Despite the help of the tutorials by our own delightful LordOfUltima, I kept losing match after match. So, I said "Self, eff Akuma. You can't win with him!" and played with some other characters. After trying Bison, I found his hit-and-run tactics to be quite to my liking, and quickly was beating the internet senseless. Well, when I hit "Same Skill" at least....
I think the key thing helping me with Bison is the fact he is a charge character. Down + Back is used for many charge moves, and is also the same position to block. The problem I had with Akuma is that I had played so much Arcade, on relatively easy difficulties, that I had grown so used to constantly moving in. Bison is teaching me how to play defensively. 
Try it at home!


Mother, what have you done?

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So, I am visiting my mom's house (yay divorced parents) and I recently learned that she bought herself a Wii for Christmas. When I asked her what games she had, she pointed me to this pile. I feel sick.
I do hope Wii Sports Resort is half-way decent.



Attempting to hide my identity.
Attempting to hide my identity.

My attempt at thumbs up, backwards.
My attempt at thumbs up, backwards.
I love it. It's soft and fuzzy.

Thanks Giant Bomb!!!
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