Yodasdarkside's 2013 GOTY Exxxxxxtravaganza!

As always, I am incredibly excited for the Giant Bomb Game of the Year nonsense. It's a joy and privilege to listen to hours of intelligent and measured (as well as vicious) conversation and debate from the GB staff with regards to their choices and feelings. I guess it will all be tinged with a hint of sadness as one huge voice will be missing of course, but perhaps this is the closure the site needs. I have personally missed Ryan a great deal, and still cannot listen to the tribute show without a tear in my eye; but full credit to Jeff and the team - they have moved forward with dignity and purpose, ensuring that Ryan's contribution will never be forgotten, but his absence does not overshadow the quality of the experience.

But back to the business at hand - as in previous years, my Playstation loyalty shines through once again. No disrespect to Xbox owners, 360 or One, but they have just never offered a suite that interests me. I do own a PC, but it's so old now, that I can barely run anything on it. However, I was able to acquire a launch-day PS4 and some of those games made the list, somewhat to my surprise. I tried not to be too onerous with the list, even though there's a small part of me that has an issue with putting games on that I haven't finished or even seen most of, but it's a personal list and if a game feels better early on than a game that I completed and still felt indifferent about (hey, Ascension!) then that was good enough for me.

Honourable mentions up front go to Poker Night 2 (how did the PS3 version pass quality control?), God of War: Ascension (a tragic mis-step) and also Ni No Kuni (I wanted to love you!).

On with the show!

List items