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Nothing new, except for the moronic "Kinect" rebranding of Natal (which was a stupid name in itself).
Still waiting for a megaton.

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Hell Yeah, the best game of 2008 getting the deserved praise in 2009. I knew the niche lovers hyping it on GAF and GiantBomb (along with price cut, of course)  would boost up it's sales someday.

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Elevatedms-> In Fallout there are very few character sets that are considered "weak". Almost every possibility you use can get you through the game and being a combat reliant guy, surprisingly, isn't the best and easiest option avaliable. Most of the time (yeah, I still play it, after 10 years) I create phisical weakling with close to none fighting skills and it's possible to get through the whole game not shooting even once and have a lot of fun and new olutions to the problems this way. 

Oh, and regarding the temple of trials You can just run past the ants and scorpions and convince the guy by the door to let you through. Or just steal the key needed to open the door.