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@SockemJetpack: Well, due to ridiculous (at least for english speakers) inflection in Polish, it's not so easy as you said it, but nonetheless, if you had some Polish speakers around, they would congratulate you for knowing it ("Kurwa" is probably the first word any foreign guest learns in Poland :))

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@Brendan: Of course it's not surprising, only those who had their router installed yesterday would be surprised by this. But I am truly amazed how this one specific action, and this particular (fake or not) person gained so much attention just by presenting her not-so-popular views. Internet is full of such people, but the snowball effect one old lady started and the fallout the whole thing generated after it ended is a thing of beauty for those not involved in the whole affair. The amount of backlash it created is really spectacular, at least in the Polish part of the Internet.

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@Jrad: But that was the whole point of the project, or so the 2 guys behind it claim. Their main goal (spoken in the first lines of the movie, but I get that this gibberish is only understandable to the small percent of GB community :)) was to show that every (or, let's say, most of) media content is doctored, faked or has something more in mind than just pure information - the guys who hired madam Anna told her just that: "We want to show people that the things they watch are not created for their gain, but for the creator's" (which kind of defeats their point if you think about it, as they've also gained some fame from this, but at least it was a non-profit action).

That's why most of the haters feel obliged to apologize, especially the proffesional YouTube content creators (because commenters are fucking stupid anyway, so nobody takes them serious), who must feel really foolish right now - they were getting money from trolling or pleasing a band of morons with their videos, and now they've got the same treatment they gave to the others. It won't help them much, but what other thing they could do?

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@believer258: Well, even one week of humble comments (not all, but some of them) instead of the standard garbage and the utter destruction of credibility of some of the Polish "Oracles" and "Trendsetters" on YouTube is enough for me.

EDIT: On the side note, if anyone else is also concerned by the well being of madam Anna, who played the hate-generating role of Grazyna, there is already an online donation to give her some break and send her on a vacation: http://www.indiegogo.com/grazyna (English version lower on the page, under the Polish one). Although it was created by one of the most prominent Vloggers, who I personally can't stand, he'd never insulted Grazyna and even if he's aiming at more fame gain, It's still a pretty decent thing to do.

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The Polish members of GB probably know this story already, as it was all over the Internet and other media during the weekend, but I wanted to share this with the rest of GB community.

The video attached below is sadly only in Polish right now, so I'll try to briefly summarize what the hell is going on under it.

Loading Video...

The story goes like that - two guys from one Polish PR company (they have an experience in virals and marketing campaigns) decided to do a little experiment regarding verbal agression and psychological torment, which as we all know, is commonplace on the Internet. So they've hired an oridinary older woman, taken from the list of movie extras(seen on the right of the embeded video). They gave her a simple role to play and she did it superbly, igniting a huge flame war under the youtube videos she published (in reality, the PR guys coordinated, uploaded and edited the whole thing).

Quick summary of the events: Anna, the actress in the dozen or so videos published on YouTube, took a role of Grazyna Zarko, a retired teacher with somewhat controversial personality - she advocated bodily punishment of the more rude school pupils (hitting fingers with the ruler, kneeling in the corner etc.) while also displaying very strict (some might say - very outdated) catholic views on the world. Needless to say, the huge part of Polish YouTube users were not amused - hundreds (if not thousands) of Vloggers bashed madam Grazyna (or so they thought), verbally abusing her views, her looks and everything she told. Some of them threatened her with death, others have shown their enormous intelligence with putting "kurwa" in every sentence, which is an universal curse word in polish and those with limited vocabulary use it instead of commas (it's closest equivalent is "fuck", but it can also mean "bitch", "whore" and anything the speaker likes, depending on the context). And that's only people talking to the camera, the YouTubers in the comment section were even more abusive (probably because they didn't have to show their face).

The whole affair wouldn't be so "popular", if there were no prominent Polish Vloggers involved. Some of the guys bashing madam Grazyna were the guys from gaming industry, with signed partnership with YouTube (read: they got money for views). As Grazyna was the new "fad" throughout their fanbases, they've decided to please them with abusive videos. I can't stress this fact enough - we're not talking about some 13 year old with a camera who uploads some fucking garbage on YouTube anyway, we're talking about adults, some of them with years of experience and a reputation to uphold, who make money based on views of their videos. And making fun of Grazyna was their way of earning even more cash. What's more, when she published her GaduGadu communicator (equivalent of AIM), the servers went down - so many people wanted to say, how much Grazyna sucks.

So, what happened in the end? Madam Anna, who played the role of Grazyna, came out and said - it was all fake. I'm not the person you think I am. Mainly, beacause the two guys behind this project were afraid that someone will finally spit on her or attack her directly when she'll be spotted on the street, and because madam Anna snapped - she tried to think positevely about the project, but when the death threats came in, she just cried.

When the whole thing was revealed, probalby every single fucker who abused the fake personality of Grazyna, felt stupid. And most of them apologized, but only some of them understood the message. What's more tragic, they've only apologized because Grazyna was fake and felt like complete morons - if the project was never revealed or, even worse, Grazyna was real, they would probably still feel fine.

Basically, the Polish part of YouTube userbase was trolled and never knew what hit it, and now it has to apologize. The "respected" vloggers' reputation fell so low in a matter of one weekend that it's almost funny to see how they're trying to limit the collateral damage. What's also funny is their fanbases, which were oh so happy with bashing madam Grazyna/Anna, are now cancelling their subscriptions. Probably, because they feel even more stupid than their idols. The news media and journalists are having a field day with this thing and those of Polish Internet users who didn't know about Grazyna existence untill the whole project ended (because they have better things to do than search for some new internet flame war) and those who just abstained from commenting and abusing that woman (because they have better things to do) are laughing their asses off. Myself included. Oh Internet, you never cease to amaze me.

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Alan Wake. Although I really like Stephen King, my total hate for most of the Survival Horror mechanics made me pretty reserved towards this title. And then, even when I was interested what the hell is going on, the "game" part of Alan Wake frustrated me and I've never finished it.

Keeping with the hate on survival horror - the whole Resident Evil - clunky gameplay and ridicoulus narrative are not a sign of a good game for me.

And once again, in that spirit - Silent Hill. Although the plot (especially for SH2) was good (though in some parts it was just plain stupid), once again the mechanics and the overall gameplay felt lacking and just not fun to play.

Anything with Zelda in the title. It was simply never fun to play for me and the whole experience not impressive. Oh, and the worst part - the world is not interesting. AT ALL.

Smash bros. is another one I totally don't get. The all out brawl, controls and all the goods connected with the fighting games are better in Capcom vs Anything. And character roster is not interesting to me in any way.

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The whole airport sequence with Health playing along... Jesus, there are not many moments in my memory that could be compared to that one Roaring Rampage of Revenge scene. Even if I could summarize my experience with Max Payne 3 as overally a little boring and frustrating at times, that one moment when the song starts playing, and you know Max is going to fuck shit up as only he can, justifies the buy. Really, all the previous 7 hours of good but not great gameplay are excused - that one short part of the level is one of the best, the most awesome scenes in video games history.

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@Incapability said:

90% of the Hitman fanbase are self-entitled, rabid lunatics with the memory of a jellyfish.

The new Hitman game will be a wonderful game.

How are those for unpopular opinions?

Do not diss the jellyfish, they are magnificent creatures.

Aside from that, you've spoken the truth.

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@Hunter5024 said:

@Yoghurt said:

@Hunter5024 said:

@CaLe said:

Obese people shouldn't have children.

What if they have children before they're obese?

Obesity is the state of mind, not the body.

That's why you see so many 80 pound obese people.

Well, they should excersise more, the fact that they are 4 feet high does not explain anything.