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@Hunter5024 said:

@CaLe said:

Obese people shouldn't have children.

What if they have children before they're obese?

Obesity is the state of mind, not the body.

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  • Zelda, except the first one and parts of Windwaker is the same, boring garbage over and over again. Still don't know why do they keep making it and why do the majority of population comes in their pants when they hear about the new Zelda game.
  • Resident Evil was never a good series. 4 was decent, 5 was shitty.
  • Silent Hill, especially the second one, is totally overrated.
  • Bioshock was only decent. And if you compare it to System Shock 2, it was pretty shitty.
  • All Modern Warfares, as well as Black Ops are enjoyable as hell. Still don't beat the first COD with United Offensive though.
  • The only good medal of honor game was Pacific Assault.
  • Coldplay is one of the 5 worst bands in the world.
  • Mortal Kombat is THE best fighting game franchise ever.
  • Fallout games from Interplay (even including tactics) are the best games ever made. And I mean EVER.
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I don't see the point of upgrading - my tablet runs on android 2.3, my mac laptop is obviously on Mac OS, and my desktop was upgraded to 7 64bit a year ago and is very content with that change. Also, my steam library wouldn't be too happy with windows 8 for a couple of months at least.

As showing the middle finger to vista and waiting for 7 to be patched was a smart move, I'll wait for at least another 3 years for a change.

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@alternate: Oh yeah, now I remember, although it was ridiculous and confined to German borders. And as easthill said, they've kept their promise, while larger developers think of more and more idiotic ways to screw with their customer (and pirates are not at all affected by the anti-piracy measures).

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@alternate: I don't recall they've ever had any tactic regarding pirates - one of the founding ideas behind CDP RED and GOG is no fucking DRM whatsoever.

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Sorry if I did a little reposting of the old news (everything older than 1 hour is ancient history ont the Internet, I know), but I'm so ridiculously excited that I didn't even check if there was already a topic like that.

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How many times did the developer thanked you for buying his game? From my experience - it's not too common. But here's a nice, big and honest "thanks" from CD-Projekt RED, the developers of the Witcher 2 from their sneak-peek conference:

Loading Video...

Aside from this funny (mostly accent-wise) bit... Here's the bigger news:

CYBERPUNK 2020 THE GAME from the CD-Projekt RED in the near future, if we can believe the news announced during the same media conference.

For now, there's scarce news on the Internet, as the conference itself is for the Polish media. For now, some brief info from the Polish gaming magazine CD-Action:


For most of you, who don't even know how to read this gibberish, a short summary:

  • The movie above was filmed as a big thanks for selling 1,7 million copies of the Witcher 2 on PC and X360. In addition, the game got the price cut on GOG and is now sold for 30 bucks.
  • Diablo III sold 90% of its copies available on the Polish market on the premiere night, which makes it second biggest DIII premiere in Europe
  • The creator of the pen-and-paper Cyberpunk 2020, Mike Pondsmith, is involved in the creation of the video game adaptation and was present at the conference. The game, obviously, will be an RPG.

EDIT: Of course, as we have 2012 now and we're nowhere near a reality from Neuromancer, the game's working title for now is just Cyberpunk.

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Everything Dave plays during Quick Looks. Seriously, King Arthur was totally unknown to me untill he showed it.

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The game that sold Dreamcast. At least for me, some other strange people bought it for Shenmue. And after finishing both titles, probably no one touched the console ever again.

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I'm still laughing my ass off at the name "PIPA". If the discussion about the PIPA bill comes to Polish TV and Radio News, they probably wouldn't say "PIPA" on air, as it means something between wuss and explicit name for vagina.

Wait, if I think about it, it fits such an absurd bill.