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Playing as imperial agent (currently lvl 25 on Nar Shadda) gave me a lot of mingling with politicians, officials and such, and, surprisingly, in more than a couple of situations there's a lot of "talk your way out of a fight" occasions, if you read the dialogs and choose adequate responses. The lack of real "diplomacy" in mumorpeger, doesn't shock me, it's about killing mobs on vast, sometimes pretty good looking, but empty plots of land. What baffles me, as always with Bioware RPGs, is the dark\light choices which can be pretty ridiculous as far as my understanding of good vs light goes. Well, in case of imperial agent doing light side, there's more common sense involved than in other classes I have seen, but there are some dialog choices which sound idiotic and are pretty much against the side I hvae chosen, but I have to make them to stay consistent.

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Like in every other Elder Scrolls game: Dunmer. Resist to fire is always helpful, and Beth changes Ancestor's Wrath skill every time, so I wanted to see the new version (which is not as useful as it was in Morrowind, but still better than Oblivion one). And destro-assasin is a great build :)

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Couple of amazing stories here. I had a couple of my own, but the most awesome happened yesterday.
I'm on my way to Ivarstead to talk to the greybears, a courier catches me and gives me a message from a "friend" who tells me to check out autumnwatch tower, where I can find some source of power to upgrade my dragonborn abilities. What's more, there was a bounty for a dragon living there put by the jarl of Riften, so I thought - "Two birds with one stone". As it was not so far away from my way to Ivarstead, I turned from the comfy brick main road up to the mountain range and saw a strange sign on my compass, which I've never seen before. I headed that way and just when I've found out it was some kind of grove, all of the sudden I see arrows flying my way and a stampede of deer charging straight at me. I didn't know what was happening and when a second of two passes, a group of hunters appear running down the hill and chasing the animals. The whole scene happened so fast I just stood there amazed at such scene when the hunted and the hunters just ran past me.  

But that's not the main event. I explored the mountains some more, and finally saw the dragon head symbol on my compass, so I knew I'm close to the tower, but I couldn't find the straight way there, so I climbed through some rough terrain and finally saw two pretty big, old towers in the distance. The one closer to me was empty and I've only found some poor fellow's skeleton with magic boots. So I head up to the second one, linked to some kind of temple above it by a stone bridge. I knew I was close as I heard eerie chanting signalling a dragon word wall nearby. As I was readying myself to battle, I turn back at the base of the tower to see where my brave companion Lydia is and... she's not there. I must have lost her during the climp through rough mountain tops. So I'm alone, and my merry mood to fight the dragon dissapeared, even though I fought 4 of them already. But I always had Lydia with me. 
So I silently climb the steps of the tower and I see the sky through the last part of stairs, when a huge wing appears and blocks out the sun. The dragon smelled me coming and burned the entrance to the top, with me still inside. I run out, engulfed in flames (thank the gods for dark elf natural resistance to them) put two arrows in the dragon starting to fly away and wait for his strafing run. I put some more in him, and he lands just a coupe feet before me, and there was no a lot of space on the top of the tower, so we clash there, like in the old, legendary epics, sword vs scale.  I am left with only sliver of my health when the dragon starts his second circling and bombarding the tower with flames and I am ready to shot a couple of arrows at it before I die, when the beast just forgot about me and starts to fight someone or somethig down at the base of the tower. I use those couple of seconds to heal myself and regain stamina, when I hear Lydia's battlecries and realize she found her way through the mountains and came to my rescue in the absolutely right moment.  
The scene was glorious - my trusted bodyguard clad in full dwarven armor takes a swing with a magical mace straight at one of dragon's wings, while I stand at the top of the tower just staring. I used the distraction she made to pierce the enemy with a lot of arrows from above. And then I see the dragon can't fly up to get me, it's huge body got stuck between a tower and a mountain, so it starts to light the whole tower on fire from below, stunning Lydia who was retreating to me, as her health was diminished. I could make a hedgehog out of that damn thing, as I had ammunition for my bow in such quantities I could shoot non-stop for two days, but I thought it would not be honorable for such a magnificent and persitent foe to die like a common wolf or bear, shot full of steel-tipped sticks. So I did the only logical thing I came up with at that moment - I jumped down from the top of the tower like I was some kind of assasin with a creed, and lost almost all my health landing on the back of the dragon, driving my sky forge sword through it's skull.  The rest is history.
So, long story short - holy fuck, Skyrim is awesome. Probably the most awesome open world ever.

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Only 1 lock up (a lot of shit going on during the fight with some random dragon) and no frame rate issues, 40 hours played, huge savegame. Playing on slim.

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AFAIK, your character is omnidexterous and there is no penalty whatsoever. (although the bow is still operated as if the hero is right-handed)

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How the hell it's not available if it has a box PC release in Poland and it has to be registered in Steam anyway (as I've read on couple of polish forums)? What's more, some people who bought it on CD complain it's downloading through steam after registering... Moreover it was on steam before the weekend. Is this some kind of strange deal between polish publisher and Valve \ Bethesda?

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Tried reloading steam - nothing. It's not the age thing I presume, as I see LA Noire on the front page. Tried to access the store through steam website on my laptop - also nothing. I'm out of ideas.

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I thought it might be just my pc or something but i've tried to look at it on my phone and nada. I might be the only one on earth not having access to skyrim

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I've got a weird problem Gav47 - When I search for Skyrim (or click on a link you've provided), there's an error. When I try to search Steam forums in Google, there's nothing about Skyrim or an error occurs. And it should be avaliable, as I'm in Poland and it was there the whole time before the realease for preload and as far as I remember, it was there on thursday. But I've checked Steam todayabout 30 minutes ago to purchase it and bam - it's gone, no game anywhere.

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Is it just me, or Skyrim just magically dissapeared from Steam? I can't find it anywhere. I'm torn on what platform to buy it, PS3 or PC, but as an old Elder Scrolls fan I wanted to buy it on PC first, and maybe after some time on a console. I know it was there, I've seen it last week, but I didn't have cash on my credit card, and when I've finally wanted to get it, it's not there. So... what the hell?