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I thought it might be just my pc or something but i've tried to look at it on my phone and nada. I might be the only one on earth not having access to skyrim

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I've got a weird problem Gav47 - When I search for Skyrim (or click on a link you've provided), there's an error. When I try to search Steam forums in Google, there's nothing about Skyrim or an error occurs. And it should be avaliable, as I'm in Poland and it was there the whole time before the realease for preload and as far as I remember, it was there on thursday. But I've checked Steam todayabout 30 minutes ago to purchase it and bam - it's gone, no game anywhere.

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Is it just me, or Skyrim just magically dissapeared from Steam? I can't find it anywhere. I'm torn on what platform to buy it, PS3 or PC, but as an old Elder Scrolls fan I wanted to buy it on PC first, and maybe after some time on a console. I know it was there, I've seen it last week, but I didn't have cash on my credit card, and when I've finally wanted to get it, it's not there. So... what the hell?

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PSN: Yoghurt_PL

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@Hailinel said:

(...) Wyoming doesn't exist in a magic time bubble.)

According to many geographs and historians, Wyoming doesn't exist at all. Or so I heard.

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The polar bear thing is pretty funny, every European country north of Italy and east of Germany seems to get the same treatment - Poland is no exception in that case.

Things that you heard about Poland which are pretty much true:

  • Our women are probably the greatest
  • Our bread, butter, vegetables and other groceries are not some "organic" shit- they are just that good and natural
  • Yes, we are religious, but not zealous. Not everyone, at least
  • Yes, we probably have more bisons than US
  • Well, yeah, we have one of the best special forces in the world. You've never heard of their many actions? That's because they're so good at their job
  • Everything you've read about polish hussars, no matter how insanely badass it is -it's true
  • You are right, our language is fucking ridiculous
  • Since yesterday, our civilian airline pilots are regarded as heroes

Common misconceptions about Poland:

  • We do not, in fact, speak Russian. Russian is much easier
  • We do have natural resistance to alcohol poisoning, but we don't drink every day, surprisingly.
  • Not every Polish man has a moustache.
  • We do have tarmac and asphalt roads. They're not in great shape in some parts, but we have them.
  • We don't use carriages and horses as transport anymore.
  • Not every polish imigrant works as a garbage man or roof repairer in Chicago
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Oh noes, Diablo III has colorful enviroments!

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@McShank: Good luck with making a toddler sit still for a second, not to mention giving him a book to read. Ever had contact with a little kid for an hour? I don't have kids of my own yet, but my fiancee is a godmother and spends a lot of time with her niece, and I have to take care of her too. And it's great, but if making almost 2 year old kid interested in one thing and relatively content for more than five minutes is a full time job, and I'm not even her parent, I can't imagine how short my timespan for games will be in the nearest future. Add job responsibilities (thank god, I work at home, that's 2 hours a day not wasted on driving), home responsibilities so simple, yet so time-consuming, simlutanious studying to exams... Damn, I don't even watch TV, probably thanks to it I still can slice an hour or two a day to play video games. I don't think I should get a medal, but maybe a commendation?

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All about fun... I don't miss that. Games have evolved.

Of course they did and I'm glad they did. Looking back at some of my favourite titles from 10-15 years ago, without nostalgia glasses, could make me a bitter, sad, sad man.

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@ProfessorEss: The storytelling in gaming is such serious business, that even mentioning with one word that Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid are simple stories and there's nothing deep about them, seems to attract more hate than saying that somone's mother was a loose woman and her nether regions stink (to say it lightly). It's like arguing about music and I understand a point of view of both sides of the argument - if you like this or that, have it your way.But don't tell me it's the best story ever told and bash it with a hammer into my head, because I like something completely different. I agree with the author of the article from my own, subjective point of view - good stories are hard to find. But, as the article states, it's not that the stories are worse, it's me getting older. Which does not mean I don't see any future for game storytelling.

@Giantstalker: It's not the problem of "mainstream" gaming. Indie market is not so different, because there is only a handful of options to stay original. And indies try to be so unique that it's not fun anymore, it's tedious. Games don't have to be brakthrough productions changing the way we think about the whole market, they don't have to be the lone, shining beacons in the world of Call of Duty \ GTA \ PutAnyOtherAAATitleHere bandwagons. They're suposed to be fun. And if a game can't satisfy my need for good fun and good plot in a short span I have to play video games nowadays, why should I spend my hard earned money on them?

By the way - I've got ACII: Brotherhood and Deus Ex: HR today. And as far as I know, they are so long I won't be playing much of the new titles which will come before christmas. And I will probably feel bad about it. God damn my game addiction.