2020 bad, but Video Games good!

I deadass spent half this year playing Persona 3 and watching One Piece.

This list was written before Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was released. I also opted to exclude 3D All Stars cos fuck that shit.

List items

  • Feels like cheating to put a remaster of one of my favourite games of all time at number 1(I could of bumped this off and put Age of Calamity at number 10), but they really did just improve the base game and add a fun extra story section. If you want a good ass JRPG play this one.

  • Supergiant games does it again, Everything in this game is perfect. If you only play one game on this list make sure its this one.

  • Gameplay good, but gacha bad so its number 3. The thing that I surprisingly really enjoyed was the story and writing. My only non gacha related gripe is that the combat really can feel like it was designed for mobile phones.

  • I think I have like 400 hours in this game and its a good ass Animal Crossing game, but once I finish my Museum i'm never touching it again.

  • Game of the OK 2020. I actually liked it more than X-COM and X-COM 2. Hopeful for a sequel.

  • Its Deadly Premonition. TWO. Still blows my mind out my ass that this even exists, but overall as a game its just pretty good, but not the Kino that is the original game. I hope every open world game steals the skateboarding mechanic from this game.

  • Brought this on a whim, but it turns out a lot of those Vocaloid songs are really catchy, also very fun to play.

  • I feel so mixed on this game, because its very clear a lot of care went into this, and while I do not find the game boring or generic I do find the timed hit combat to be too strict and not fleshed out enough, the characters, story and world to just be kind of generic, but all in all I hate how every late game boss was just "Oh ill spawn more enemies" as the challenge and that really bumps the game down towards the bottom of my list. Also I hate the lyrics for "Paint the future" I don't even know if Bob Ross and MLK exist in this world.

  • I had fun playing PMD again, but once I finished the story I had no desire to keep playing.

  • I had fun playing this game for like a month and now I do not care.