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2022 and I have a top ten list for YOU

Fuck me this entire list is switch games.

I did not play elden ring or ragnarok due to having a 2016 pc and i aint playing those games on my ps4

List items


  • I wish every pokemon game was this. Really hope this "series" doesn't get forced to make a new one every 3 years and game freak can take their time with a new one.

  • I think I enjoyed Bravely Default more, but I still really enjoyed this game. For the most part I feel every choice really didn't have the "obvious" or easy answer. Game gets a bit too easy at the end, but that's games you know.

  • I loved everything except the part where I suck online. Salmon run is so fun.

  • Peak Kirby. Dedede's theme is so fucking good.

  • its good, but its no legends arecus.

  • I am not very smart and would not of beat this game without google dot com. I will say if you only play one game on this list make sure its this one.

  • Still playing as I write this list, but probably my favorite Sonic game, im not a big sonic fan tho so it only gets 8 on this list. Also my game of the ok 2022, but its probably the best game so far to receive that honor

  • I beat the game in one sitting, I have fun, I leave it for a month or two, I neat the game in one sitting so on so on.

  • I got what I was looking for. Was cool to see all the characters again. Would of loved a free play or challenge map mode so I can just try everyone without having to do a new story.