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Top 5 Nostalgic Nintendo 64 games.

Oh Nintendo 64 you will always be my favorite console, so beautiful. However a console is nothing without its games (Well not back then anyway) So these are my most nostalgic Nintendo 64 games

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  • Ooooh yeah. Banjo-Kazooie. Tell me how can you make Super Mario 64 better? Rip it off ofcourse, you didn't think Nintendo would make one? Anyway this game is my personal favorite on th N64 It controlled nicely, looked beautiful, and had my favorite music of any game Ive played to this very day. All aroudn a fun game though Snacker and Clanker scarred me for life.

  • Being born in the late 90s I was not too familar with the Mario side scrolling shenaynayigans, but I loved this game. It was a good 3D game and intresting levels which I loved as a kid. I can't say much that hasn't been said, but il'd play this bitch anytime.

  • Heheh this game. I never really played, but my cousins had it. And holy shit did it blow my mind as a kid. Drinking, swearing, guns and partical nudity. As a 6 year old this was the shit. Never had I seen a game to this altitude. Duke Nukem? Fucking Conker the Squirrel man.

  • Donkey Kong 64 what a game. I love how you can switch characters and each is special in their own way and the menu selectio screen was funny. and each level was unique. And how could I not mention the DK Rap.

  • I love this game. I like how every character has their special thing and finding out about it, like don't touch Bowser. This was always a fun family game and I still have memories of my Dad calling Wario a fat drunk wog, ah those were the good days