List of games I want to play through/am playing through

So I remember to update my gamefly:  
Updated 11/28/10

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  • Got this in the mail from my Gamefly Queue.

    Its okay, its left for dead....2! I think it would have made a bigger impact if it was a day 1 buy for me, the single player feels hollow and weird as its set up as a multiplayer game.

    Still the gameplay and the action have been improved, the chainsaw is fucking amazing!


  • Playing through this currently, finished the MQ just about working on DLC and side quests. I have such a love-hate relationship with this game, I have literally bought it and traded it in 3 times before. Not sure why the game stuck the fourth time. I read some hints on the forums, and build a good noob friendly character. I would give this game a solid B, I have enjoyed my time with it but can't see myself playing through it two or three more times for that S rank!

  • Own it, got to level 26 soldier on my own, looking for a good team of players to play with me. I think it plays a lot better with a group of people, unfortunately none of my friends have the game, and I absolutely hate playing split screen with this game; where is the damn vertical v horizontal option?

    A - Totally loved this game, interesting story and game play. It does fallout 3 better than fallout 3.

  • I found this game for $5. Far too traditional JRPG for me to handle right now!

  • Waiting for a sale to purchase.

  • SRPG? Yes!...but anime is for jerks, I feel creepy

  • I want to start this out by saying, I was REALLY not a fan of the first Mass Effect. Man am I impressed by the awesome cinematic experience Bioware delivers with this game, and for once, I am a little bummed I am renting and not buying. I am half way through the story I would assume and currently just grinding my level and gaining loyal ( and attempting to sleep with any team mate for an achievement) and am loving every second of it. The skill animations are totally impressive, the team AI is pretty competent and the story and characters are great. My first play through I went a vanguard and I am digging the charge plus shotgun combo. I'll update this when I am finished, but I will have to definitively say that this is one of the best games I have ever played.

    *Edit: I have finally finished it and was blown away. Great story, and I am totally anticipating a Mass Effect 3 now. A solid A!

  • I am going to be honest, I missed the golden age of side scrolling shooters; aka I haven't played a Metroid game. I never thought it would be so damn satisfying collecting upgrades and just level exploration. Awesome big boss battles, and it paced just so that you really don't realize how much time your sinking into this game. I'm about halfway through it, I'll update this after I beat it.

  • Third tier SRPGS!

  • Waiting for a sale to purchase.

  • I rented this game via Gamefly, and man I hated it. This is the type of game where the over the top Japanese antics make me so interested in witness the craziness, but the game play will never allow that.


  • Rented this and got a few hours into it...and realized I need to buy this to beat it. Short write up coming after purchase.

  • Words can't describe the janky-ness of this game. Whoever designed the camera controls should be kidnapped and shot in the head. I love the premise: Re-writing World War 2 to feature the crazy occult stuff and a crack squad of... wolf man commandos. Played a few hours into this game, and it has driven me crazy, I never ever ever wan't to revisit this one.


  • What can I say? The Masochistic inside me loves this game, my wife on the other hand hates it!


  • I can not recommended this game enough. Excellent writing, adorable charm and a solid (and simple) RPG combat system make this a great play through. The 200 easy points is a bonus as well! Pick it up, it's worth the 5 or 6 hours.


  • Picked this up for 800 points one weekend, I am about 3/4 the way through it and feel like this is a pretty solid downloadable sequel to Vandal Hearts 2. The combat is very similar, but is missing the great class system that made the previous games feel substantial and is noticeably missing. If you played the previous Vandal Hearts games, hold off and wait for the game to be 400 points, if you are just a fan of SRPGs it might be worth the look. A decent story surrounded by a serviceable combat system make this an OK game. C