Stop Following the Leader.

Before I start, I'd like to preface this by saying that what I'm going to say right now isn't the most popular sentiment out there. However, I have to respond to this silly fucking article. In recent years, it's become rather fashionable to bash the whole of GameStop Corporation for their “evil” pre-ordering and used game policy. Personally, while the lemmings who blindly follow the “hate GameStop” train are amusing, one can only take that blind idiocy so long.

I fucking like GameStop.

There, I said it. I'm prepared for my flogging now.

Seriously, the hatred for GameStop has just gotten to the point of being not only unreasonable, but a living testament to how stupid and easy to manipulate the game community is. Let's take a look at the complaints:

Trying to make you reserve something: And? As long as they're respectful when you say no, what's the big deal? Nothing wrong with trying to get some upsell. Yes, there might be the occasional jackass, but that's usually solved by complaining to the manager or to corporate. Also, it could just be a bad store, which I'll talk about later.

GameStop doesn't buy games for a “fair” price: Just because you're too much of a fucking lazy ass to put your game up on eBay or look for another deal doesn't mean GameStop's ripping you off. They're offering you a price, you can take it or leave it. No real problem.

GameStop charges too much for used games: Again, you're being lazy. The thing with “second hand” merchandise is that they aren't going to be price-fixed like new games are. Prices are set by the retailer based on demand and supply. Basically, they're priced what GameStop thinks they can get away with. There are plenty of great deals in there, but don't expect to get a used GTA IV for a song. Again, if you're so enraged, go eBay or various trading sites.

GameStop's selection sucks: Bull fucking shit. I've been to several GameStops, as well as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit “we never mark games down” City (they don't have GameCrazy here in Florida. I'm not sure they're on the east coast at all.). I can tell you that, without a doubt, GameStop has the best selection of the whole lot. They're the only place where games from Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and other small publishers can be reliably found, in addition to most RPGs that aren't 1 party or Square Enix mega-titles. Also, the used sales program that you all hate so damned much allows me to get many old games, which also gives GameStop the honor of being the only major retail outlet left (again, on the east coast) where you can get quality games for the GameCube and original Xbox.

And lastly:

GameStop's staff isn't knowledgeable/is rude/etc: Most chains are going to have the odd rotten apple. It's the nature of any chain that size. I've been in more than my share of Denny's and Burger King locations that weren't exactly up to par, but I'm not exactly going to swear off the whole of Denny's or Burger King. Fuck that, I need my triple whoppers and meat lovers' scrambles. I'm going to take it up with the management, or I'm going to find another location. That's the thing about chains, there's a ton of locations in most cases.

In closing, if you don't like GameStop, fine. I wouldn't piss on a burning McDonald's to put it out. If that's the case, however, shut the fuck up and go wherever the hell you go. I'll go where I go. Deal?

Then again, I doubt people will suddenly read this and have an epiphany.  More likely I'll get spammed into oblivion.  Afterall, as Statler and Waldorf observe here...