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I'm a retard.

So, if you were here for that giant pile of internet drama then I want to say sorry. 
It was stupid of me and pointless. 
Am I forgiven?


I got betrayed by a fellow Giant bomb... community?!

 A few things - 
1. I offered him if he wanted me to give him the game first but he said that there were no games he currently wanted so after I redeemed it I did not give him anything because he didn't want anything yet so I assumed there was something he wanted in the next 24 hour sale. 
2.  When he was messaging me I was not at home, steam for some reason went crazy and I could not see my friends list so I am not sure what happened when I was away. And some proof that not being able to view your friends list isn't a lie -    

No Caption Provided

It happened to him also, then to me later on. 
3. At the time I wanted the game in about 3 hours in the sale and it was not avalible in the UK or Australian store at that time, proof? 
A user posted a list of the daily sales on in the UK, here is the thread if you want to check. Here are some screenshots. 

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

4. I had no reason to scam him, I have over 90 games on Steam so why would I want to steal one worth $7.50 and on a site I often visit? 
I did not scam him nor was it my intention to, I went idle and couldn't see my friends list and thinking I was offline and I left. 
And Giant Bomb what you did was fucking disgusting, finding my email address and getting pictures of me? THIS IS NOT FUCKING 4CHAN, I DON'T EXCEPT PEOPLE TO POST MY PERSONAL DETAILS. And I got so much fucking hate mail for something I did NOT do. 
Just wanted to clear my name. 

Nintendo 3DS rant...

Okay guys, so some of you might know I was very unsure whether or not to purchase a Nintendo DSi XL and this morning I found out that the Nintendo 3DS was official heart was broken =( 
Why would Nintendo even think of announcing a new hand-held right before of the Nintendo DSi XL release? was is the point of even having an XL if in a year it will be obsolete? This has to be the stupidest thing ever and sadly people who don't keep up with gaming news will be suckered into buying and XL. 
Someone tell me, would Sony come out with a Playstation 3 slim then announce a Playstation 4 to be released a year later? maybe 2 or 3 is okay but ONE?  
I'm just glad that they announced it before I got my DSi XL or else I would have raged, I mean REALLY Nintendo? REALLY? I've just about given up with any hand-helds, and that includes Sony's, why do they need to update everything all of the time? I mean the PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and then GO? and they DS. DS lite, DSi and DSi XL?! What is the point?! 
Goddamit. now I have to wait another year to get my handeld =( 
They better not announce the 3DS lite a year after that.


Games I am playing.

Okay guys, there are a fuck load of games I am still playing or need to play and I thought I would put a list together -
Final Fantasy XIII
Mass Effect (Need to play before the second)
Mass Effect 2 (Not started)
Bioshock (Need to play before the second)
Demons Souls (Havent started)
Dead Space
Fallout 3
And I am getting God of War 1, 2 and 3 in the trilogy edition when it comes out.
I wont have a life for the next year.


Why Final Fantasy XIII doesnt suck.

Okay, so alot of people have been saying how much FFXIII sucks or a disappointment, those people are wrong. Here are a few complaints that people have used -


 This is a bunch of bullshit. Nearly every other JRPG is linear but deiced to use smoke and mirrors to make the player think that they are exploring. Persona 4 for example was extremely linear but yet that was still a superb game and noone cared about it being linear because of the smoke and mirrors? thats bullshit.


Alot of people are complaining about Auto-battle being in the game but its simple, DONT USE IT. Its seriously one of the most stupidest things to complain about. Lets use TF2 for and example, dont like the scout class and think its for noobs? dont use it rather than bitching about it. Its there as an option  if you dont like the option then dont use it.

No towns

I dont see why people would miss towns that much in the game, they never brought much to the games anyway. I dont see why its a problem to buy your items at the save point and to get side quests a different way, Also, if you have played the game you would know that a town wouldnt make any sense to the story so I am happy that square left it out opposed to tacking it on and throwing on some shit to the story just for there to be a town. 
Okay guys, please stop bitching about FFXIII, there is nothing wrong with the game and it is a fantasic edition to the series and a serious GOTY contender IMO.
Please, feel free to leave reasons about why the game suck or you dislike it down below.

What is going to happen to my Playstation 3?

Okay guys, so no doubt you have heard about the issue with all fat Sony Playstation 3s at the moment but what will happen if Sony cant fix it with an update and its a hardware problem?
What would they do? If they fixed all the fat Playstations in the world then it would take months before we got ours back and if Sony tell us to buy a new PS3 I will fucking burn them down.
So tell my forum, if it IS a hardware problem what should Sony do?


Sometimes preordering games work.

So I went into my favourite store yesterday to buy Heavy Rain for the PS3, I want in there and when the clerk looked at me and said ''Its sold out'' I just stood there and asked him ''what do you mean?'' (in shock) he then told me that the game sold like hot-cakes and that they wont get another shipment until another 4 days. 
I have been hyped for this game since it was annouced so I didnt wait and had to spend an extra 10$ at EB games. 
The moral of the story is, sometimes preordering games work.


Why I love GiantBomb (1,000th post edition)

Hey guys, I just reached my 1,000th post and thought I would make a little blog telling you guys how much I am loving GiantBomb, so here it goes -
I came here from like alot of us, after being banned due to their ridiculous moderation and then I found...GiantBomb. Here are a few reasons this site is so great -

1. No System Wars or Fanboys.

I came here expecting there to be a SystemWars with Fanboys fighting left and right but I was pleasntly suprised by what I found. Sure there maybe a few fanboys here and there but this is an all around great community where I can express my self without getting attacked by fanboys.

2. Great Staff.

  I have never really felt connected to the staff on any other site but GiantBomb changed that. Ryan, Brad, Jeff and Vinny are all hilarious and put in so much effort for this site and so do the other staff at GiantBomb. For a site that is small compared to other gaming websites, they are doing a great job.

3. The Wiki.

 I love the Wiki system here on GiantBomb, I love it how I feel like I am actually having an effect on this site instead of just being a member. It was a great idea and I hope it never changes.


4. Moderation.


The moderation here is great. No longer do I get punished for saying fuck or being told I am flaming when I am having an argument over a subject with another member. The mods here are doing a great job, keep it up.

To be honest, I could keep going on all day about things about this site but those are just some of the things I love.
Thankyou GiantBomb for making me enjoy posting on gaming forums again.


Another Ipad Rant...

Yeah, I know these things are getting old but hear me out.  
What is the point of the Ipad, will someone please tell me? Isnt it just a giant Ipod Touch that will cost twice as much because it has a bigger screen? I mean, it doesnt even have flash, want to see the latest Quick Look? go screw yourself. 
Who will use the Ipad? If you want to do work then you will buy a laptop, if you want a casual browsing computer to listen to music and watch videos on you might aswell get an Iphone since it will be cheaper and the only downside is a smaller screen. 
And how about using Iphone apps that use the  accelerometer? how in the fuck would you play them anyway, it would be as uncomfortable as shit. 
Thankyou Apple for making an Ipod Touch for Shaq.

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