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Characters I'd love to dress up as for Halloween.

I've never put many an effort into any holiday really, let alone the horrific, teeth decaying time that is Halloween. Back in the day I remember dressing up as a Ninja Turtle (Raphael duh!) aswell my own custom Ghostbusters uniform.

These days after being exposed to sooo many fictional characters, there's always plenty of new potential stringed in to making me look like one of my heroes! Or at the very least like a lame twat. So I've concocted this list in the spirit of Halloween and just to express characters I'd especially like to dress up as - and undoubtedly will never at that T.T

List items

  • The ultimate Halloween monster that wasn't created via a hammer horror movie. Being a measly 5ft nothing, I'd imagine seeing an 'almost' midget swaggering around with a massive pyramid tea bag on my head wielding a sword that's twice my size would be all the more fun for everyone else than it would be for me.

  • We all loved to dress up as the coppers. Inspired from all the badassery they injected into the profession from so many high octane 80s action movies. The classic STARS uniform is no different, and with some of the people who wear them being awesome incarnate, it's to little surprise why a STARS outfit would work so well! Barry's get my pic for being my favourite RE character, and red does seems to agree so well with the STARS outfit.

  • More for the relative ease to dress up as this character, Agent 47 is as cold and calculating to make for a very appropriate Halloween costume.

  • Maybe I should just leave this one blank..

  • More his K&L2 attire, again for it being pretty easy to conjure up, but also for any reason to look like the coolest piece of white trash ever to enter the role of lead game protagonist.

  • Being so complex, this would definitely fit into the category of laughably bad cosplay. But getting a Big Daddy costume right could have your neighbours handing out money rather than candy.

  • Man...that shirt!! If I could be bothered to collect all the ingredients I'd even make that costume my PJ's.

  • ''Shake my hand'' ''Alright'' *ELECTRIC SHOCK* ''You son of a cunt, what the hell?? ''Don't blame me, blame my costume!''

    ''Oh hey there, shake my hand''...

  • A great opportunity to take 'erotic' pictures and not seem out of character.

  • Brings me back to the copper outfits. And what's more kickass than a modern day cop? An old western Marshal!