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Games I been buying and/or playing and stuff in this year of 2014s.

Captain's Video Game Log!

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  • Probably the newest game this hunk of tin can actually run well! Tends to bog down during more hectic boss fights, but all in all I'm pretty happy with the performance I can get outta this. Game's pretty great, so that helps too!

  • PC Version: Runs at sub-30 frames... Waste of £4.

  • Fuck you, this POS most certainly WILL NOT run well on my machine! In fact this runs even worse than Dark Souls! £10 wasted.

  • PC Version: Given the traumatising shock of discovering that Bully on PS2 is actually pretty fucking framey, I was delighted to find that I can at least run the PC version. Some tinkering to unlock the frame cap, connect my PC to my TV, set up my wireless controller, and wulah! I get to play this lil gem how it should be <3

  • PC Version: Actually runs better than expected, but still not ideal... £2 wasted.

  • PC Edition:... /sigh Fucking steam sales. £3 wasted.

  • PC Version: Have to set the compatability to 98/ME just to run the bloody thing... Fucking AMD, but hey, it works! Really well even, and I've never actually played this before so... neato. Shame there's no controller support as I'm still trying to get used to using a KB&M, which currently still feels a little awkward. Don't know if that's because of my desk setup, or if my keyboard isn't fit for games or whatever... Oh well, I'm sure I'll (hopefully) adjust.

  • PC Version: This one I have played, and after reading that its PS2 version is apparently a complete mockery (despite loving it way back when), I'm glad I've got access to a 60fps PC version to relive those memories. Again, shame about the lack of native controller support.

  • PC Version: Oh yeah, this was packaged in with Alan Wake for like 69p or something. Haven't even installed it, but I wouldn't expect it to work all that well anyway so... 69p most likely wasted.

  • PC Version: WHY THE FUCK MUST STATE OF DECAY BRING MY COMPUTER TO A CRAWL YET THIS RUNS LIKE VASELINE. I mean, OK, Valve and all that, PC super-developers, and I guess the game itself isn't exactly much of a looker, AND it's from 2009 for fuck sake. But still...


  • PS2 Version: I have apparently lost my original copy so I've decided to buy this fucker again. No biggie, though, as I got it for a fiver on PS2 and it's a game I'm really quite fond of!

  • Got it for a tenner. Not bad overall, but yo it's more God of War, only Kratos has now been removed of what was his one defining characteristic and barely even talks. Has a truly memorable ending set-piece, though, and while the game overall feels a little more... spotty than its predecessors, it probably has the best combat in the series. Multiplayer is also pretty fun, if crazy chaotic.

  • PS1 Version: Another game I appear to have unfortunately misplaced, but luckily enough my sister is willing to lend me her copy. Not necessarily a purchase then but... I can play Dino Crisis 2 again so what the fuck ever!

  • PC Version: Nuttin' to suddenly twist your impulses like spotting games at a mega-cheap price that you'd have no interest in playing otherwise! Though I am still somewhat interested in giving this a go, as I wouldn't mind checking out Tomb Raider during its less shooty-shooty era and was more focussed on actual, y'know, tomb raiding.

  • PC Version: Same as above; together they cost about £2.50 or something.

  • PC Version: A childhood-favourite! Already played it a little bit, but unfortunately the nostalgia filter was quickly shattered... Still seems like a fun game, but heading back to it now, it's kinda generic... and the voice acting is a lot weaker than I remembered. Soundtrack's still enticing enough, though! Pulling and thrusting your mouse around to use your sword is also still surprisingly intuitive and pretty fun at that.

  • Now, this game doesn't even have a solid release date yet, so naturally it seems a little odd for me to put it up on a 2014 purchases list. HOWEVER... I will own this game. I must. I simply cannot miss out on this beast; I have to be there on the front lines, tackling the idea of whether this game is what it claims to be, or if it falls short of the mark. This looks like this'll be the game that'll finally bring me over into getting a PS4, too... which is why I'm hoping it'll be released sometime in the later quarter of the year.

    And to think it was Resident Evil 4 that forced me into getting a gamecube... and yet now we have what looks to be its unofficial spiritual successor doing the same thing with a PS4! There's probably a message in there somewhere... Or not.

  • PS3 version: A pretty good port, gotta be honest. The art style still shines through, and the game runs really well overall. Though I hafta admit, I'd say I prefer Torchlight II by a fair margin. It's such a FASTER game compared to D3, with you constantly levelling up and being bombarded by loot in comparison to D3's relatively slow crawl of opening the game up. I've about 8 hours into it so far with one character, and I still don't even have access to at least one skill per category yet. But... D3 is still good fun all the same, especially in coop.

  • PC Version: OK... this admittedly isn't a purchase so much as me taking advantage of their free weekend offer. Anywhoo I gave it a download to see how this would run on my computer. As expected, it's running at a sub-30 fps... Ah well, least with this one I was able to find out free of charge. Still runs better than State of Decay, though, if you can believe it.

  • Another not-purchase, I for some reason had a hankering to try this out again... So I gave the starter edition a download, created a Blood Elf Paladin, and, well, it wasn't quite as unrecognisable as I've been lead to believe. But then I also never even left the opening area during my first quick stint. Framerate tends to wildly bounce all over the place--sometimes it's in the 30s, other time it's in the 70s--which is really weird to look at. That and the game's visuals have this weird stutter, and this is all from running the game on its ''good'' settings. Unfortunate, since I wouldn't have minded in getting back into this game. Last time I played was way back in the vanilla version; got me a level 60 human paladin and my own guild and everything! But I think I remember giving it a break, and that break then lead into me deciding to move on.

  • PS3 Version: I've actually already bought this on the PC, but it was my old, even more decrepit hunk of junk PC, which is no longer with us anymore. Plus, I never enjoyed playing it with keyboard controls for whatever reason; made me feel really antsy, and not in the way the game intended.

    I had also planned to buy this last year, but at £10, it just seemed a little steep. Now thanks to a sale on PSN, charging a little over £6, it is now within my grasp... again. Looking forward to giving it a go anywhoo, since it looks right up my ally, even if I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of its pixel-art aesthetic.

  • PS2 Version: Yet another PS2 favourite of mine that I appear to have lost... It appears to be usually asking for more than it's worth brand new, somewhere around £12-£14, but I was able to snag a used copy for £2. Reeeeeeeally enjoyed this game away back when; sinked a substantial amount of hours into it, unlocking and collecting just about everything -- including of course the silly Han Solo & Indiana Jones outfits!

    Great game anywhoo. Was quite innovative at the time with its then-extensive damage modelling tech, and its handsome selection weapons and vehicles to use was definitely up there.

    The end parts, where you're literally trying to survive against a bloody army, got be exceedingly difficult, though. Got to the point where you're up against an all manner of tanks, helicopters, and everybody's favourite nuisance, RPG soldiers; which were quite frankly more of a threat than the tanks for how they were sometimes difficult to locate.

    In any case, I'm curious to see how this holds up. It hasn't been THAT long since I last played it, and I remember still having a good time. I'm still not looking to get a PS4 right now, so the more older games I've got available to give a quick retread the better!

  • Eh, it was only £4... and that's what I keep telling myself as I drudge through the generic everything of this game. Real fucking shame since the core gameplay is actually pretty fun, but there's like only a single pace to this game and it involves non-stop shooting! Seriously, it just never fucking ends.

    The 'story', aesthetic, and just about everything else being utterly forgettable isn't doing the game any favours, either. So far it's nothing but an amorphous grey blob; perfectly competent, but completely lacking in anything resembling personality or creativity. Even playing in coop can't quite halt the monotony.

    But hey, it was only £4...

  • The original GC release of Symphonia still stands as one of my favourite games of all time! Though hearing nothing but bad things about its sequel started left me feeling a little reluctant about buying it new. I had preordered as soon as the option was available, but I began to get cold feet and decided to wait until the price drops, but I was too late! I completely forget it was getting so close to release and before I know it I've got me an email confirmation that it's been sent off.

    Oh well, I do still really like the original game, and it comes with the PS2 stuff that was never released outside of Japan. Though I'm to believe there's not much. And I guess I'm still curious in giving the sequel a go... y'know, gotta stay positive.

    Though after the mediocrity that was Xillia and Graces F, playing through yet another lousy Tales game isn't what I'm in the mood for right now. Hopefully Symphonia at least will raise my spirits for when the promo stuff for Zestiria starts flying around.

  • PS3 Version: Truth be told the main reason I got this was because it's seemingly always being sold for like £3.. so, Hell, why not. Though after a few hours invested... I don't think it's aged especially well.

    It's now left in the weird state of basically coming across as terribly generic, even though for its time it was probably revolutionary.

  • PS3 Version: Yo, anything Souls related I will buy, and after much time spent in the original Dark Souls to prepare, I am goddamned ready for this mutha!

  • PS3 Version: I was always reluctant to get this, despite my interest in its gameplay and Drive-inspired aesthetic, because A) it was initially on PC, and B) while it did eventually come to PS3, opinions were a little divided on its controls. But after spotting the PS3 version on a sale for £2, that was incentive enough for me to at least give it a whirl. And so far I really like it!

    The lock-on, which I would gather isn't in the PC version, helps alleviate some of the control squibbles in trying to aim manually, and also makes using guns surprisingly effective -- another element that is a little stodgy on the PC I'm to believe. Most importantly, however, the breakneck pace constantly keeps me on edge, and the surreal soundtrack and visuals mixed with the adrenaline of violently massacring fools goes a long way in setting a very specific tone. I almost start to feel as if I'm actually nose-deep in 1980s Miami the rush becomes so hard to resist...

  • 360 Version: One of those games that looks like I may be able to enjoy to at least some extent, but never felt compelled to buy it for the asking price it was usually going for.

    After spotting it for £6, I decided that was a fair enough price for a game I'll hopefully be able to get some enjoyment out of.

  • PS2 Version: I don't know why, but I had a hankering for a spider-man game to play. The cell-shaded look to this, alongside the dual-protagonist design of Spider-man & Venom, had me intrigued. So I decided to get a used copy for like £3 or something.

    However... I was disappointed to find that so far it's all rather jumbled, and seems to place too much emphasise on racing and time trial missions. I played enough to try out Venom, which was definitely a marked improvement, but once I was forced back to Spider-man I decided it to give it a rest. Whether that's for now or forever, I'm not entirely sure.

  • 360 Version: I already own the PS3 version and absolutely ADOOORE this game; one of my favourites of the previous generation in fact. However, my standards regarding framerate have certainly increased since those few years ago, and suddenly the PS3 version is borderline unplayable... I've long been in the mood for giving this game another whirl, though, so starting fresh on its substantially superior 360 version for £4 sounds alright by me.

  • PS3 Version: Another weird hankering... I never held the first game in especially high regard--I thought it was OK, nothing special--and yet it somehow returned to the forefront of my mind recently.

    I had initially hoped to lend my little brother's copy of the first again, although it seems to have disappeared. So instead I figured given how similar the second is to the first, if I'm going to get my rampant society-consuming antics on I might as well try Prototype 2 while I'm at it. Plus, it was cheaper than the first weirdly enough.

  • 360 Version: Yeah, I dunno. I wanted to compare & contrast the two games given how similar they are. Plus it was only £4.

  • PS3 Version.

  • PS1 Version.

  • PS3 Version: A birthday gift for the little brother.

  • Digital 'PS2 Classic' version.

  • DS version.

  • I think I may require an intervention.

  • 3DS Version.

  • PS1 Classics version.

  • PS1 Classics version. I had no clue as to what I was getting into with this when I bought it... Turns out it's just a fairly average 3D brawler with some occasionally funny localisation.

    And terrorism!

  • PS1 Classics version. I already own an original physical copy of this, but it was cheap, and it at least saves having to switch discs per chapter.

  • PS1 Classics version. Same as above.

  • PC version. Decided to add the franchise as... well, that's basically what I bought. Got it all bundled together for like £7 or something crazy like that. Mostly just wanted it for Red Alert 2 w/ expansion pack and Tiberian Sun also w/ expansion pack. May one day give Generals another shot while I'm at it, and likely just forget the rest is even there.

  • PC version. Decided to add franchise as it's easier, though I don't have the latest one. Another mega cheap bundle that I simply couldn't pass.

  • 3DS version.

  • Complete with all dem expansions. Got it free via Origin, though whence all installed it runs like GAAAAARRBAAAAAAGGEEEE.

  • PS4 version. I initially planned to wait a little later before I get this un, but its PS4 bundle added a mere £5 to a regular PS4 price, and I simply couldn't refuse! I'd almost believe it was a clerical error of some sort it was such a generous offer, especially when you consider the pricing of, like, every single other PS4 bundle out there.

  • PC version. Another free Origin giveaway.

  • PS4 Version. Eh, it was cheap. Though I was quickly reminded as to why I fell off this series so hard... Also, for a game that's set up as a standalone release, it's pretty bloody unkind to those coming to it from taking an AC hiatus. I sympathise with any unlucky individual should this be their first AC game; because hey, there's gotta be someone!

  • 3DS VC version. Complete impulse purchase that I immediately regretted upon playing it.

  • PS4 Remastered version.

  • PS4 version.

  • PS3 digital version. Unfortunately much like the ''HD'' RE4 port on ps3/360, this is a rather lazy job overall. That the pre-rendered cutscenes look as blurry, and not to mention weirdly framey, as they do is pretty ridiculous.

  • PS3 version.

  • PS1 Classics version on PS3. I admittedly already own this via XBLA, but it was cheap and the 360 has long been unplugged and shoved under the bed at this point.

  • I've always wanted to play more rhythm games, and while I'm not exactly the most adamant enthusiast of final fantasy, their music has always been incredibly enjoyable.