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Muh wiki pages!

Fuck, I dunno. Everyone else is making one of these (baa raam youuu), and it'll admittedly be a good way to summarise the small inklings I've added here. They're mostly just minor characters (from the Resident Evil franchise more often than not) because most games have been created, and should I think of a concept, some sloothing reveals that too is already apart of the Giant Archive of Gamage.

But still, I'm giving the little fella's their due; I'm giving the guys who aren't heard as much over those big ole mean screen-hogging protagonists some exposure. And in truth, where would be without those chaps? We need people like to these to die unconditionally, to show the effects of gore within your engine, or just to give that piece of the puzzle to get the story moving. These people are the real heroes, and by my acceptances into the wiki, that makes me a hero too. Probably the greatest hero of them all. Hell, I deserve my own wiki page for my selfless deeds, here. Marino, get on that, would you?

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