My (probably) top (so many) games of the year 2013 (so far)... (:)

Man, these current-gen consoles bloody suck, don't they? As I've (repeatedly) whined about my plight surrounding my lack of a gaming PC, I'm pretty much stuck with these archaic hunk of shit. I'm not planning on getting a next-gen console this year either, so... I may have already played pretty much every game I'd want to play this year, besides a few outliers I definitely still need to get around to. As such, despite the year not even close to reaching its final moments, I've decided to round up a quick draft of what games I'm most likely going to place up on my GOTY blog amidst the masses when the time comes...


Meta time: list within a list!.. So, yeah, here's the games that I've got left to get through:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It is my duty to seek out the truth about whether there truly is 10 games better than this.

Killer is Dead

So glad I didn't get this full price -- or am I?! Guess I'll find out soon enough... Despite finding Grasshopper's earlier two outings to be kinda mixed, his games are always the sort that I want to try out for myself to see where I stand.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Here Comes A New Challenger! At the unspoken, inadvertent behest of @gunstarred. I had always considering getting this, but from the things I've heard, it's supposed to be yet another entry in the long running tradition of sub-par console versions, complete with bipolar framerates and sub-HD graphics. But... I'm getting it anyway as it turns out.

Yakuza 5

SEGA TROLLS UUUUUUUUUUU.... But no, fuck you, Sega. You and your shitty Hatsunshine McDonalds bullshit.

Lone Survivor

I actually bought this already on the PC, but I really dislike using keyboard controls for anything other than RTS'. It's primarily for movement... Don't know why, I just get real antsy whenever I moved about in that game, unintentionally so and not because the game itself was getting under my skin. Though from what i played, it certainly looked like it had the potential! Excited to play it on PSN.

Beyond: Two Souls

Maaaybeeee? If it continues 2013's streak of featuring superb PS3 exclusives, then sure!

Batman: Arkham Origins

Huh, there's actually a lot more on my potential shopping list than I first suspected... Though this one could definitely go either way; it all depends on what our lords and saviours at Digital Foundry can tell me.

God of War: Ascension

Oh, right, this thing came out didn't it. Eh, if I spot it for cheap enough. Not exactly expecting great things, though.

Diablo 3

Jesus, again, as it turns out there is apparently a lot more on my plate than I thought when first writing up this list... blurb.


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