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My top 10 games of 2010.

My pride and joy! Mostly joy...

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  • Really, it doesn't require much explanation. One of Rockstar's greatest and a true triumph at getting the otherwise barely noticeable Western genre some needed attention. A genuinely moving single player experience with one hellishly addictive multiplayer suite scores this game as the certified No.1 spot for my top 10.

  • I adored the first one. The epic sci-fi scene is a favourite of mine, obviously stemming from Star Wars. Mass Effect 2 was released to a huge amount of acclaim and cheer. And while I too appreciate its gripping story and deep character development, it still didn't quite top the original for me. Besides that though, I gave this game around 5 completions before I set it down on the shelf. Plenty of ways to portray your Shepard equalled plenty of ways for the role playing fanatic like me to play.

  • Some people still assume that others will like Deadly Premonition just to be ironic, or at the very least for some lazy giggles. Truth is, though, is that Deadly Premonition has a lot of brilliant aspects that people just happen to appreciate. Its story and its characters are some of the most memorable this year, and while the gameplay is clunky, unrefined and generic, the depth and variety the games gives you manages to lessen some of the issues. The gameplay can be dull as stale shit, but it's in no way broken.

  • I loved me Ocarina of Time, as did an astonishing amount of other people, which made Darksiders pretty easy to ease into to its overall gaming design. The entire pack is a colourful little smoothie made up of all kinds of gaming mechanics from other games, but even on their own Darksiders twists it into its own identity and makes it overall for a brilliant action adventure game and one that has me eagerly anticipating its inevitable sequel!

  • A real surprise hit for me. I knew of its severely long development cycle but I hardly gave it much attention. Then months after its release I finally decide to purchase it through a sale and I'm astounded at how much I enjoyed this game. Its chilling atmosphere, solid shooting, intriguing storyline, brilliant narration, likeable protagonist, compelling collectibles... I'll always be thankful for that sale, otherwise it would have taken a lot longer for me to dive into the nightmarish adventures of Alan Wake.

  • A new benchmark for what DLC should be offering, and for how much it would cost at that; Case Zero was a fantastic retreading of the classic Dead Rising regime, which brought with it some smoothing of the rougher edges but still managing to keep the fun intact. There was a hella lot of playtime to trade for the price, and having its own unique story and environments it will hopefully influence a new and very welcome trend with DLC for the future.

  • It took a while for me to get into it, only giving it half an hour doses at a time. But once I reached past the first quarter I couldn't stop. Drastically improved shooting and moral choices, BioShock 2 is a game I could easily play through 3 years after unlike the original sadly which aged pretty damn fast.

    The story wasn't nearly as compelling as the first but instead the gameplay always meant that I could dive into the single player again. The multiplayer isn't as easy to drift into it but it's alot better than anyone would of expected.

  • The most 'Japanese' game I've ever played, Yakuza 3 has finally gotten the franchises incredibly kooky multi-meddling gameplay scheme popular over the seas! It's hard hitting and brutal combat, dozens upon dozens of stuff to get mixed up in amidst its well told story (one that does have a painfully slow start I will attest to) has now made me an upcoming fan of the franchise and definitely one of my favourite games of 2010!

  • Another controversial choice indeed, but its overall package definitely make a strong contest against a middling reception. It's graphical style of lookin' all fucked up and messy can make it an intense riot to play through, and helps it set itself apart. Its multiplayer with its focus on betrayal, greed and deception sets its own unique identity amongst the increasingly large crowd of third person shooters. It's slim-pickings with regards to the content, but for what it still brought in essence, it's a game that deserves just a little shine of the spotlight for 2010.

  • Like most, I suck at SSFIV. Like most, I still wouldn't let that get me down and I carried on sucking at SSFIV because of just how much fun it still is simply as a fighting game. Also like most however, I did eventually give up. But that's not to deny that I didn't have some addictive fun with SSFIV. SSFIV if anything has at least built up my fighting game spirit once more that was long lost before hand. Sure, I won't be heading back any time soon, but for the amount of influence the game delivered through the amount of fun I had, it's something I can't shrug off.