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  • Perhaps one of the most notable, given that he actually managed to survive past one game. Though like that VHS tape in The Ring, once you've piloted you're now afflicted with a curse that is set to follow you to your doom. In Brad's case it involved a nasty palmful of tentacles right through his face courtesy of Nemesis in RE3. Poor bugger even gets reanimated into a zombie too, before (potentially) being put down for good by either Leon or Claire in RE2.

    There's also that helicopter pilot that comes to pick up Jill at the clocktower, only to receive a fucking rocket as his welcoming by that one-eyed Nemesis fucketeer. Finally, depending on the choice you made on the bridge before entering the abandoned factory, you yourself may get the chance to destroy your own helicopter, complete with Nicholai Ginovaef at its controls.

    RE3 does have a rare couple of counter-examples, however. The ending of RE3 has you being scooped up by a helicopter piloted either by Carlos Oliveira in all of his multi-accented glory, or by Barry himself. Both of whom are still alive. Well, Barry is. Carlos, however, is seemingly locked away in a basement somewhere right alongside Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, and Ark Thompson. Ark Thompson.

  • Like Brad, Dewey isn't killed amidst his piloting, though he dies nearly almost immediately after. Upon her investigation of the train, Rebecca is greeted by the window-diving Eddy who's covered in nasty gashes and bite marks and what have you. He then dies moments later, making for the very first STARS casualty. He too also reanimates into a zombie.

  • Technically the lead pilot during RE0, this guy isn't shown to die in his original appearance but is found later on by the Alpha team in the remake. It's also implied to be his severed hand that Joseph meticulously pulls up from the grass in the original RE's infamous opening, too.

  • I added the game because he's not really a character page worth creating given that he doesn't even have a name. Still, RE2 also includes its share of pilot pulverisation during either character's B Scenario. Shortly upon reaching the helipad of the RPD station, you're treated to a CG cutscene depicting the events that lead up to the crashed helicopter that the A scenario character will eventually stumble upon when they reach the helipad.

    The core trinity of Leon, Claire, and Sherry understandably used a train to escape the city. Though that didn't fair too much better, but then at least they all survived!

  • Poor guy. Guess Leon will never get to discover this fabled ''good bar'' for himself.

  • One of the (then) few characters of the series to actually let loose some profanity, Kirk is then punished for his piloting potty mouth with a flurry of winged fuckers to peck his helicopter to bits, eventually leaving him looking like a charcoaled mannequin post-explosion.

  • Another pilot casualty for RE5, Doug at least gets to go out in style by being blown to bits by a rocket launcher. Such an end is usually only fit for Tyrants and the like. Josh Stone then takes the reigns of the chopper, to whom also of course survives. Though he too has been absent from the series since then.

  • RE6 being RE6, one of the bosses in the game is a J'avo-piloted attack chopper that must be shot down. While it's first fought in one of the game's four-player engagements, it must ultimately be finished off by Chris & Piers (when you're busy not being stunlocked from its rocket fire anywhoo) - naturally, given that Chris's campaign was gifted with most of the CoDish that Capcom sprinkled all over that shit.

    RE6 then ups its RE6-ness by then having you play as Ada in her own attack chopper, which despite sounding like some fun is actually one of the most tedious sections in the game. But then tedium still beats utter frustration, I guess. Also she too survives, though her chopper at least has to bite the dust.

    Also, Obligatory Fuck RE6 ect. ect.

  • Despite going to the trouble of fixer uppering the chopper, that thick-jawed bitch Alex Wesker has to go and remotely take the controls while Gabe is giving it for a spin, resulting in the helicopter and Gabe exploding into a fiery, apparently laugh-inducing death. Barry will then eventually push the remains of the chopper out of the wall it's lodged in to make his way past. Basically his 'boulder moment', though still not quite as ridiculous.