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An action game first and foremost with a frustratingly difficult non-lethal option 0

Dishonored by Arkane Studios is one of the many games that tries to chase after what made Deus Ex special and ultimately misses the mark. Dishonored is an action game first and foremost with a frustratingly difficult non-lethal option. The game has an impressive setting but doesn’t do much with it because of a stereotypical revenge tale.The game commits its’ first mistake early in the tutorial by informing the player that killing too many people will result in the bad ending. While I...

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A simple yet powerful story of the need for hope in an ironically hopeless world 0

It's hard to recommend visual novels because of the negative stigma they receive. I wish it wasn't the case, but most visual novels deserve the harsh treatment. Too often visual novels are comprised of the usual formula of dating sim, underage looking girls and nudity. I’m not discounting the fact that there IS an audience for these kinds of games, but their overwhelming presence clouds the genre with the aforementioned stereotype. Fortunately there are a few outstanding gems in the genre ...

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A brief fun and challenging 2D puzzle platformer 0

I bought Out There Somewhere on a whim. It had good reviews on Steam, cost less than a dollar (was on sale for 49 cents) and was reported to be a short game. I didn’t have much to lose. Either I lose a few hours of my time or have a brief but enjoyable experience, fortunately it was the latter.Out There Somewhere is advertised as “inspired by Cave Story, Super Metroid and Portal”. Great! I love all three of those games and I would consider Super Metroid to be my top games of a...

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Looks amazing, but marred with clunky combat and technical issues 0

Move over God of War there is another game based on Greek mythology and it is Apotheon. Sure some Greek Gods show up as personas in Persona 3 or playable gods in Smite, but there aren’t many games entirely set in Greek mythology. With all that said, it is very unfortunate that Apotheon doesn’t do anything much with its’ story. The story is similar to that of God of War without the constant talk of being angry and yearning to have revenge. Zeus being a jerk that he is abandons h...

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A well realized cyberpunk story wrapped in a standard point and click adventure game 0

Read Only Memories takes place in Neo San Francisco where robots are everywhere and cybernetic and genetic engineering are commonplace. Similar to the San Francisco of today, Neo San Francisco faces a similar crisis where the rich and elite are all in the tech industry. Also similar to current San Francisco is the openness concerning the LGBT characters. In fact in Neo San Francisco, no one bats an eye to see a man dressed as a woman or flinches when a woman says she’s in relations with an...

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A memorable, relatable and believable story that would have never worked in a book or movie 0

It's June 7th, 1995. Kaitlin has come home after a year long trip in Europe. There's no one to greet her other than a note taped on the front door. The note is from Sam and tells Kaitlin not to go digging around to find out where he or she or it has gone. As you enter the house, the lights flicker on. The house appears to be deserted. Welcome to Gone Home. Gone Home is an exploration adventure game that tasks the player to wander around a house piecing together clues of what happened to its' occ...

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Generic and Time Consuming 0

Skies of Arcadia Legends is a port of the Dreamcast’s Skies of Arcadia with enhanced graphics and additional side quests. The game is mediocre, with a forgettable storyline, a cast of one-dimensional characters and has a broken item system. The game’s high points are the cinematic air battles and the traversable 3D environment, but everything else about the game is as generic as JRPGs get. Skies of Arcadia Legends is only recommended for fans of the genre. You play as Vyse, a young Blue Pirate r...

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A grind heavy SRPG that caters to hardcore completionists 0

Fans of the Disgaea franchise will undoubtedly pick this game up but players new to the Disgaea franchise will find the gameplay grind-heavy and a lot less forgiving than other games on the DS.  STORY Disgaea DS tells the story of Larharl, the prince of the Netherworld who wakes up from a two year slumber to find his domain in chaos and sets to defeat his enemies with his vassal sidekick Etna. What turns out to be an interesting opening premise of you playing the villain ends up becoming a typ...

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An Antiquated RPG 0

“Revelations: Persona” is an antiquated RPG. Everything about the game, from its’ presentation to its’ game-play belong in a much older era. Similar to most retro RPGs “Revelations: Persona” has no tutorial, has many random encounters and has very few save points. That is to say “Revelations: Persona” has not aged well and should only be experienced by those who purchased it around the time it came out. For those adventurous enough to still give “Revelations: Persona” a shot, here is what you n...

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