Best of 2010

Zainyboy: Best of 2010

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  • Absolutely outstanding in almost every way. A fine achievement in video game making.

  • Some of the purest entertainment to be had this year.

  • Easily the best western game ever made. Rockstar prove their masterful creation of worlds and characters to inhabit those worlds.

  • Gorgeous to look at backed by a solid game. You can't look away even when ripping some creature's eyeball out.

  • Very rarely can a game be labelled one of a kind. For better or for worse, this game is one of them. However you may feel, this is a truly unique experience.

  • Stunning animation that proves that 2D has so much untapped potential in the HD era. A very enjoyable game which I almost finished in a single sitting.

  • Easy to overlook this game with all its well chronicled problems, but returning to Rapture was surprisingly worthwhile in this sequel.

  • Spellbinding story telling, perhaps the best of its kind in videogames. Unfortunately let down some by some strange graphical design and gameplay that doesn't reach the heights of the story.

  • Yakuza 3 is a strange game with strange people. But for the Japanese dramatics, it can't be beat.

  • This may be the only game that I didn't actually have to play for it to be on my list!