Best of 2013

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  • The gameplay faded as the story went from strength to strength. In total it was one of the best games of the year.

  • When Rockstar make a new GTA game, they make it memorable. The heists and the 3 main characters were enough to make this entry remarkable in its own right.

  • Truly outstanding game with beautiful 3D. The most fun I've had with Zelda since the Windwaker.

  • Riotously funny. Breaking the fourth wall a lot of the time in very unconventional ways.

  • A unique experience that showed how to use video games as a purely story telling mechanism.

  • The unique paper craft look of this world is something to behold. It fell short on some of the platforming elements, but delivered big in the charm department.

  • One of the best iPhone experiences out there. A good underlying creepiness to keep you uneasy.

  • Original and thought-provoking. Being forced to make tough decisions and calls and also forcing you to put yourself first.

  • Lovely use of the touch interface to tell a written story. The puzzles are interesting without being too difficult. The studio is one to watch for.

  • The beautifully intricate designs of each device in this game gave them an almost palpable feeling. Lovely little whirring and clicking as the device opened further and exposed it's insides more. Left me feeling satisfied yet craving more.